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Ryan Shrout Leaves PCPer for Intel



Nope they have tons of guys still


It comes down to whether they can keep the company going. Nothing will change short term, but they need to bring in money to pay the bills. Which means going out networking, drumming up business, finding new advertisers etc. Weighing the risk of writing a bad review against that company not working with you for a while… You name it.
As long as they keep Sebastian on the payroll to take more tech porn photos.


Honestly Ryan had been pretty checked out of most of the stuff lately, Ken and all the other were pretty much running the show. They should be fine, just might loose some income.


Yeah they have the tech stuff covered. I hope they keep what makes them unique from the rest of the crowd. If they can do that going forward, update their site which looks like it was designed for 800x600, then I’m happy.

If Ryan left for no other reason than to spend more time with his family, then good on him. It is what’s most important.


Intel probably pays better, and money pays bills.

So yeah… :slight_smile:


12-18 months ago?


I would not go that far. But it does add up at least in my head. I might have it wrong but it was not long ago he started Shrout Research and then Intel snapped him up. Seems like they wanted the name and writing headline grabber. Built up his reputation and then they buy the name more or less.

Yeah all speculation on my part and I will get called every name under the sun for paranoid but Intel seems to work like that.


I only heard about this and I think it is a bit funny.

That seems accurate. xD And it was the first thing I thought too.

“Well shit! Mkay, so now that everyone will always look behind the curtain anyway, let’s just creates our own benchmarking division.”


I just want Steve Burke on This Week in Computer Hardware on TWiT.

That show had Ryan for the LONGEST time.


Steve is one of the good guys :slight_smile:


With Ken and Allyn also leaving for intel.

Is intel’s plan this year to make shill media all year until they can fab either 7nm or 10nm at the end of the year.

At every AMD launch this year will there be Intel’s new 28 core 6Ghz CPU ?


Can’t say I saw this coming.

Looking back at the last podcast, it seems they knew ahead of time and have been working towards this. Still, must be some interesting conversations going on behind the scenes.


I could have seen Allyn leaving but Ken brings nothing imo


Well that I didnt see coming.


Do you mean he isn’t a specialist in anything?
He seems a worker, and as far as reviewing stuff and writing articles, he churns through that. Maybe Ryan wants someone he knows he can rely on to do stuff.


None of them are BRAIN’S to intel. Their marketing maybe. Ryan never demonstrated any great ability to me ?


I agree, not in the R&D sense.

I guess only a few people really know what they are doing on a day to day basis. But as big and smart as Intel are, they have made some recent blunders in departments Ryan’s team could help in.
You could argue they have made blunders in many areas.

Would this all be to do with Intel farming out technical review and comparison of their products to third parties in a completely biased fashion?

I guess PcPer always tried to do in-depth technical analysis and reviews of stuff in an unbiased manner. To the point it set them apart from most of the crowd.


With intel as his paymaster anything published by him or subsidiaries is now suspect (and before anyone asks I would feel EXACTLY the same if a journalist went to work for amd or nvidia).

Biggest issue as I see it is…

What if, in any given benchmark you dont get the results your paymaster (intel) wanted?

Do you do a Principled Tech special and alter the specifics of the test to give intel a bogus lead or do you publish the truth or publish nothing?

I dislike the very idea of journalists being on tech companies payrolls


Allyn pissed my off not long ago either … I know he has spend years well a career on storage so he know a thing or too.

I called him out (on IRC while live and on there forum) in a recent review of TR2. He said it had poor IO.

His benchmark is a 1 thread IOPS on a ram disk !

So a 9900K topped the charts and TR2 was bad in his opinion. There was no Xeons server parts on the chart.

One thread and ram disk mean clock speed is king. Don’t even check PCI lanes and bandwidth.

If I am wrong correct me but Allyn was shilling like a villain.


Seems at odds with most other people praising TR’s IO