RX 5700 XT linux support good now?

been looking around but haven’t found anything about the linux support getting better yet. I imagine at this point it’s better, but it’s only been 2 1/2 weeks? Any news?

After that I’ll go grab the sapphire pulse card. Since Sapphire supports my lan party.

Honestly, not really until the 5.3 kernel fully releases sometime in September. Currently you have to install the firmware before the card to even get it to boot, and then use either the AMD provided driver on supported distros or build it yourself.

Well, i can do all of those things, but the pulse cards are out of stock afaik so I’ll just not rush it.

i have had success with xubuntu 18.04LTS on the 4.15 kernel and ubuntu mate 18,04LTS on the 5.0 kernel. on debian 10 and fedora 30 both on the 4.19 kernel i had many issues. i ran the amd 19.30 drivers on both xubuntu and ubuntu. ubuntu mate is running about 20 fps better in all games than xubuntu did why/how i have no idea. you can see more of my 5700 xt linux adventures here.

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In general, and as unfortunate as it is. KDE has definitely been over taken in terms of performance compared to gnome. The only thing I know that runs better is something like a patchwork of LXDE components + gnome and kde libraries to make packages work without a compositor to increase performance, and sometimes I’m not even sure if you’d want to run it that way. Me myself have no problem with no transparency on your preferred shell, but preference is a big deal in terms of desktop and all the subsequent software you run to accomplish your goals.

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