Rx 480 is here

with the new announcement who will be picking up one, I know I will


ive a 390x so its probably not and upgrade for me but damn i cant wait to see what else does amd have on the line


200 buck vr.... I hope its not all hype

and ya I will pick it up after I see some benchmarks


I'm super curious to see some benchmarks. If it's somewhere near my R9 290 I definitely want to get rid of this heater and grab one of those instead.

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Prepare to be tilted. They gave the first one to Linus from LTT:

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The issue I see which AMD didn't mention on, is NVIDIA have found out howto render 1 frame per fps in VR, while all AMD hardware still needs 2 frames per FPS in VR. So NVIDIA can probably release a 1050 for $150 and still outdo a 480 in VR!


in the pre vulcan/dx12 days sure, but amd just destroys everything nvidia has on dx12/vulcan. even if what nvidia uses works and works as well as the two for one method, it only helps in vr and amd will eventually figure it out and push an update.


My questions is what is the $300 card Lisa Su mentioned at the end of the presentation. RX 485?

It's been awhile since we have see a true hardware/software war...... Let it begin and let us, the consumer peasants, reap the rewards!

Also, makes more sense now about the PS4 and xbox v.2 for VR, or rather playable lol

They can only render 1 frmae per fps with some aspects of the frame. Not everything can be generated for both eyes. Basic geometry an the like can be, but not all of what you see can be. Iirc, AMD mentioned something similar a while back. It doesn't seem too far fetched to expect them to try to be efficient where possible with frame rendering. Especially considering that htey are having to consider PSVR at the same time.

The games too have to be specifically designed to take advantage of it.

Just because it is on chip doesn't mean that fancy VR and multi monitor stuff works in every game.

As for this. IDK I'm mixed. Yeah a good value but if it is really just a die shrunk 390X I'll be disappointed. Like come on AMD the Hawaii chips were way too power hungry. Just catching up to nVidia won't be enough.

Also IDK if we will see a 490 which needs to be at least a 1070 level card and needs to be here soon.

Meh for me, but $200 for a 5Tflop (6Tflop if OC overhead gap is decent and AIB is available for this model) card is aggressive pricing. If a console gamer is still thinking PC is still expensive I'd shove this card on their faces.


I am wondering what people would do with one if they were given it. I am thinking maybe media and/or arcade pc for my living room

Interesting slide.

Ugh of course they give it to the guy, who actively murders his equipment and doesn't use proper safety measures. Then acts like a 'professional'. Pisses off a lot of higher up IT pros I'm friends with. So much so, his content is banned.


better then console like performance has been available for cheap almost since both major consoles lauched. lol
xbox one gpu
Floating-point performance: 1,310.2 GFLOPS
AMD PlayStation 4 GPU
1,843.2 GFLOPS

AMD Radeon R7 260X
Launch Price: $139 USD
Floating-point performance: 1,971.2 GFLOPS
overclocked: 2,105.6 GFLOPS
AMD Radeon R9 380
Launch Price: $199 USD(look at that same as the 480)
Floating-point performance: 3,476 GFLOPS
courtacy of Techpowerup.


Fixed, it's Teraflops. Give consoles a little more credit.

The difference is PS4 has had low-level-api to really flex every processing power out of it. That's why games like Uncharted 4 exists on a 1.8Tflop hardware. Point to a game on PC with the same visual quality with similar overall processing power as the PS4 and there's none. At PS4's spec on PC, it's usually a bunch of low visual quality games like Dota 2.

PC is still catching up and slow with it's low level api adaptation. However, now there's a card at 5Tflops at $200. For the same theoretical performance, the R9 290x was around $500-600+ when it came out. This will change a lot of the stereotype console gamers have about PC gaming.

ladies and gentelmen of the jury I give you exibit A.


So you found a game that runs on an engine that supports Mantle, a low-level-api, good for you. And the rest of those don't quite match the same level as Uncharted 4.

Nvidia - Here is the most powerful GPU ever

AMD - Here is the cheapest GPU ever

Wonder whats wrong with AMDs marketing.

also new radeon logo is shit

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