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Running Destiny 2 in wine = ban



Shouldn’t be that hard. What is the Linux desktop market? 2%?

It’s barely more than an after thought on even the most technically inclined. Game devs don’t have to be scripters, hackers, OS geniuses, systems engineers… They’re game developers. Some people in hardcore tech space don’t know what Linux is.


I like to call that the “Corporate tech space.” You know you’ve found them if they constantly go on about “Devops” and “cloud” and love to shill Cisco Meraki.


So many things wrong with your comment I don’t even know where to begin.


Gaming on Linux has picked this up:


Saw that. I’m going to try and make a few more reddit posts in r/Games and r/PCMasterRace


Poke Michael from Phoronix too.


good idea



The hardcore crowd know what linux is. Without a doubt. The only reason someone wouldn’t is because they probably aren’t that hardcore. Of all the people I work with… shit you’re not wrong. These guys are MCSA certified… and I think his first taste of linux was the linux subsytem for windows… ugh.


Knowing about Linux is “hardcore” now?



Apparently whoever designs the anti-cheat for activision isn’t.


Knowing about linux and supporting it are two different things.

The requirements for Destiny 2 are listed as Windows. Not Linux. Not WINE.

I get it, being banned sucks, but what do you expect, running a competitive online multiplayer game on an unsupported, unverified platform that could have any manner of hacks running underneath the game. If this was a single player game or LAN only multiplayer that would be different. But it isn’t. It is competitive online multiplayer.

I’m quite sure bungee know that destiny 2 runs under Wine. I’m also quite sure they may well even have deliberately coded it to be reasonably friendly to porting for someone like GOG or Aspyr.

BUT until it is officially supported, you’re kinda on your own.

Petition them for support via public channels, don’t go off on a massive “fuck you guys” style rant when you’re running the product on an unsupported platform :smiley:


Yeah, hyperbole.

If rumors about their development are true I’m not sure about that. Whatever they are using it takes a dick year to make anything.


not to surprising


they fixed it in a decent time window and reversed the bans though. and had an appeal process.


yep and activation owns blizzard so not surprised it made its way there


Doesn’t specifically list a 2080ti either. If I use one and get banned for it are you going to use that same argument?

“competitive”. It’s an MMORPGFPS. You can play the entire game in PvE. Even if that was the case this is the only “competitive” shooter that permabans you for using WINE.

I too believe in Santa Clause, brother.

After what I’ve learned over the last few days nah a “fuck you” rant is about all they deserve from Windows and Linux users alike. I’m not mad about being banned. False positives happen all the time. Hell I’ve had it happen before for Battlefield 3 and Arma 3. Both times I was able to appeal and get the ban reversed. Overwolf was the BF3 issue and I forget what the arma 3 one was. I’m mad that there is absolutely NO way for me to contact support about my ban. On their support page all you get is user forums. If you post there the bootlickers come out in force and downvote your post into obscurity. Had this been officially addressed when the first dude made the report months ago chances are I wouldn’t have made this mistake. On their ban page it lists things like “Bans are not automatic and are manually reviewed” and “We make no mistakes” type phrasing. PC users were getting banned back when the game came out and Bungie reversed all of their bans. They’ll ban you on PC for having debugging software installed and not running, OBS, xsplit etc. with no way for you to get in contact with them to get it appealed.

I am trying to be as civil as I can but when most of what I hear from the bungie community is “fuck you for trying to play a game” it tends to wear my patience thin.

I will not be repurchasing the game (lord save me for I am weak) unless they reverse ALL of these policies.

At this point I’ll be content with official response.


I’m tempted to redeem the game install in wine and play till ban while recording the whole thing in one shot. So we can have a giant middle finger to their toxic community blaming us for wanting to play the game. And so that you guys can have video evidence that no fuckery is involved and they’re dropping bans for having the gall to play in wine.


I already did just that. I can upload it but I’d have to edit it because I was working at the same time as setting it up


Good luck with that.

This would be exactly why no developer really gives a shit about linux as a gaming platform…