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Running Destiny 2 in wine = ban



I want to die. It worked so well too. Got half a gambit match in before ban


I’ll update this thread if I get unbanned and what various reps say


i almost installed this the other day because it was free, but I didn’t want to waste the space. Now I’m tempted to install it to see if this happens to me.


This has always a problem with multiplayer games with automatic cheat detection.

It might be more sensitive during Crucible play vs just PvE activities.


This happened with overwatch using DXVK a while back, and blizzard went back and unbanned everyone. I’d hit up support and/or post this up on reddit.


im talking to live chat now. What reddit thread should I post it in? I never use reddit



Found this on bungie’s forums. Looks like they use different anit-cheat.


Live chat was a bust. Here’s the transcript and links to the support requests ive made online. Upvotes would be appreciated so more people will see it.


would be nice if everyone would and flood their support forums.


It’s a crap game anyway. /2c. yes i own it.

I can see why you were banned though. In a competitive multiplayer game such as this they want to be sure that people aren’t cheating by checking that various system services are the way they are supposed to be, on a supported platform.

Running this sort of competitive multiplayer game in WINE, you will probably trip their anti-cheat measures (hence the ban).

Yes, it sucks. No i don’t think blizzard are out to just ban anyone running on Linux because “fuck you guys”. But this game lives and dies by the end game and they want to prevent people from cheating at it.


I only play PvE and gambit lol but I see your point. I’d say check it out again because the new update fixed everything I hated about it before buuuutttttt


If people DO decide to flood their support forums, it should be “please put out a supported Linux port via WINE! It clearly works!” rather than “Fuck you blizzard/bungie! I got banned for no reason!”.

But knowing the way these things go, i suspect it would end up being the latter…


I’m trying so hard not to go there but I’m super salty. I bought 3 copies of the game for my brother and a few buddies to play together literally 4 days ago. Plus I was a bit of a micro transaction whore


From what im being told there’s no appeal process either formal or informal so I’m boned. Thanks Bungie! See you in small claims I guess.


Finish the wine install tut and config, distribute it with the standard release of liability disclaimer.

Its free till the 18th, make new accounts and keep testing.


It’s pretty simple. You literally comment out one line.
Install through Lutris and download the game.
Build wine-staging with one additional patch (thought it needed more but a lot has been done to make it work as of 3.19)
The file you need to edit is /dlls/ntdll/loader.c

Line 379: /*notify->callback(reason, &data, notify->context);*/

That’s it. All that stands between you and sweet sweet crucible action. But it’s a guaranteed almost instant unappealable ban so this is only at your own risk. I’m not responsible WHEN you get your account banned. I’m also not responsible if this causes you some other harm. I’m not the author of this patch and the author has made it well known this = ban.

Edit: Then run Destiny 2 Launcher.exe with your patched wine on a fresh x64 wineprefix. Make sure to install DXVK into your wineprefix.


More seriously, maybe try and reach out to the developer via twitter. Most software devs (rather than just their marketing/PR droids) are on there, and its a public forum…


I’m not surprised.

We knew this would happen.

We had a thread a month ago warning someone not to do it because people were being banned.

Sorry your account got banned, I hope they change their minds on this one.


There are a lot of us. We need to be vocal about it and if possibly not insulting which is probably the hardest part here lol.


Bungie is just looking out for you. Didn’t want you to waste all that time on a shit game. monster hunter on the other hand you just HMU mmkay?