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Running Destiny 2 in wine = ban



If you do a clean recording at 1080p or higher that you can share with me, from fresh install desktop, to game, in one go with OBS or whatever, I will use that in a video on the linux channel calling on a change here from Bungie.

It’s one thing to “not support” something, maybe even not let you play online on their servers, but banning the entire account? Nah, that’s not right.

It’s been a few days and they haven’t reversed course, is the surprising thing. So far everyone else has reversed course when this type of thing has been pointed out.


Awesome idea @wendell


I will do just that this weekend. It’s on my todo list as “get banned in destiny 2”

keep in my my internet is slow so this will be a long single take. I’ve got the storage to handle it though.


He stated he has a 4K video he was going to cut up for tutorial. 3 hours long.


The continuous cut is important to ensure no shenanigans tho? If I were bungie I’d want the least headache possible to understand the issue…


Well he hasn’t made the tutorial yeth or he would have posted. I mean he has a 3 hour long recording of start to finish.


I don’t want to get into a knockdown drag out, nor do I want to derail this thread further, however, I would like to present some information to challenge your beliefs on this:

DevOps culture relies heavily on open source and monitoring solutions, primarily through Linux as a catalyst. Since Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment are part of the philosophy and culture, “the cloud” just makes sense. You can adopt these practices to legacy systems, mainframe systems, co-locations, and on-premises, but having public cloud services enable faster and more frequent deployments.

Second, “cloud” is primarily Linux. This has been an ongoing trend since 2012:

Last, Cisco Meraki works independent of Linux. Not sure what you were going for there, but if it was to trigger those of us in DevOps space, consider it mission accomplished :wink:

On topic, if you want your gaming experience to be pleasurable on Linux, use positive reinforcement, lead by example, educate, and don’t be a dick to be people that use Windows.


Apologies for the delay. I ended up heading to the mountains and unplugging for a week. Long story that’s not relevant to destiny. It would be trivial for me to record a much shorter video detailing my steps from a fresh linux install to reproduce the ban now that you can just get free destiny 2 accounts. I’ll have that for you later tonight.


Thank you I wasn’t able to do it this weekend. My internet is really just too slow to record everything in a reasonable amount of time.


Getting started on it now.


Yeee not happening tonight fellas. Took me a lot longer than I thought to actually install ubuntu on this laptop (thanks optimus) and now it’s way past my bedtime. It’s basically all set up now though. So tomorrow morning I should be able to record the process. I want to capture the entire download as well (I have gigabit so it wont take that long but still far longer than I wanted to stay up)

So gnite and ill update tomorrow when it’s uploaded


All that’s left to do is the one line patch in wine needed to make it run after the download completes.
gibspenguin#1243 is the battletag for the freshly created account.


Very cool. Looking forward to it.

While I know the end result is most likely a ban I’m hopeful that the devs realize they can support wine with minimal effort and maintenance. Although running anticheat seems like it would be tricky.


Should just be a matter of whitelisting wine dlls with their anti cheat


I’m not super good at this. Still working on it lol. Was much easier in arch than it is in ubuntu as I grabbed pkgbuilds and just edited what I needed to. Issue is in compiling wine with the patch. gcc: error: [email protected]: No such file or directory
is where I’m stuck right now. But I have a feeling I’m missing a lot of dependencies so im looking for them


I’m going to just try and compile vanilla wine first. Game’s already done downloading but I’ve been called away several times so the video has gotten far too long again.

Edit: I should have RTFM. Just learned how to use build-dep

Edit2: Looks like the patched wine is FINALLY going to compile without issues. Video is at 2:54:00 so I’ll probably just re-make it once Wine finishes compiling. I’ve yet to attempt to launch the account so it should still not be banned. But if I decide to finish this video and do it all over again I’ll just make yet another free account lol at least it’s 1080p this time so it will take much less time to upload regardless

Edit3: Apparently you can’t compile BOTH 32 bit and 64 bit on ubuntu. requires 32bit where destiny2.exe requires x64. Following the winehq guide for biarch wine using lxc over on wine’s site.


Is anyone able to get working in wine 3.20 staging?


how do you find out which wine version you’re running?

Edit: nevermind I figured it out. I have it running stable on wine 3.20 staging. And I’m on Ubuntu. All i did to get it installed was follow the directions on the Lutris page. And clicked Install. It installed and runs perfectly fine. I use it to play Diablo 3.


wtf… it worked last night… forget this I’ve wasted an entire day. I’m just going to re-install arch on my workstation and do it. Wanted to use a spare ssd in case Bungie wanted it to look into a fix or something I could loan it out.


Yup. Potentially, however they would need to be binaries, and they would need to keep up with those running nightly or very up to date builds (as most gamers will) which will be an ongoing thing.

The binary name isn’t enough because being open source people could modify them and insert all manner of stuff.

They’d need to be sha256 hashes or such.

IDEALLY, they get it pre-packaged with its own known-working version of WINE rather than relying on third party distro or compiled-from-source versions. That way they can do all their anti-cheat validation, maintain list of known bugs, etc. And put out updates to their own wine version bundled with the game via patches.