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Rufus for Mac?

So I have an ubuntu ISO that I want to load onto a USB. Just wondering if there’s a Rufus alternative for Mac. I think there might be a way to do this in Terminal, but I don’t know what that is.


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just dd to the device


That’s what I’m trying/asked for as well…

It just keeps saying resource busy

I think macs enumerate devices differently than linux but other than that it should work

unmount the usb

It is

are you unmounting from the cli or the desktop

sudo diskutil unmount /dev/diskX

Unmounted the USB using Disk Utility

are you running dd with elevated privs

sudo -s


What the fuck, finally got it

Fucking Terminal was acting like it froze for no fucking reason wtf

wasn’t outputting what it was doing or something like loading/percentage or anything of the sort

dd doesn’t have output unless you pipe it from logs etc

it takes a while

old unix programs don’t speak p unless something goes wrong.

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in other words run it again, thats normal

Looks like it would be

diskutil unmountDisk diskX

X = disk number

rather than just unmount

not sure if the “/dev/” thing is required

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yeah thought that was clear, same way you don’t type password when someone tells you to type your password. /dev/ is where it enumerates the devices.

you can find the identifier via diskutil list, should be something like disk4s2

Oh is it just more proper to type that then?

it’s the explicit path, looks like diskutil can handle relative too.

just do whatever works

Back when i had to use a mac i used fedora media writer for *Unix distros and bootcamp for anything windows related

(Scroll down and click all platforms)


On bsd/mac , pressing Ctrl+T in a terminal while running dd will send SIGINFO which will cause dd to write out progress information on stdout.

I miss that on Linux.