Rosewill RSV-L4600U - New Case?

Anyone know more details about this new case from Rosewill, RSV-L4600U?? Tried to contact both NewEgg and Rosewill and they could not answer my question - difference between this and 4500U. Specs says, 5 fans vs 8 fans and all but it seems both cases are same except fans and 2.5 bays. 125$ vs 225$. A $100 difference is hard to believe for just 3 fans and few bays.

Anyone has more info or photos?

New case indeed.
Adds some 2.5" bays from what I can see.
Amazon has it with some details but still the same 1 image.

Manufacturer does not have a published page I can locate either.

Honestly Sliger makes solid US made cases.

Would highly reccomend them and I have used a few different brands (rosewill,plinkusa,slige for builds)

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I bought two of these L4600U last weekend and they arrived today.
They look a lot like the L4500U but they are different
-Drive cages are not removable and they do not use rails like in the L4500U
-It comes with three 120mm installed on the middle (not the front like the L4500U)
-Front panel on the L4600U is fixed, to remove it you have to remove 12 screws, on the L4500U there is a lock and there is a door.
-No rail kit to install the case on a rack are included, so you will need to get some rails

i will try to take some pictures later after i finish working


Thank you for the info and sure pictures will help in making the decision. If I understand you correctly (installed drive cages are not removable in 4600U), we wont be able to install swappable hdd bays like ICY Dock in this case 4600U?? If that is the case, better to go with 4000U or 4500U??



You can actually remove the drive cages (you have to remove them to install the drives), so you might be able to replace the cages with something different, but you wont be able to install any cage that is hotswap unless you remove the front of the case. So if you need to do that you might have to go with the L4500U.

To install the drives on these cages you have to remove the cages from the chassis (there are 4 screws for each cage) then you have to use regular #6-32 screws to install each drive.

Last night i was installing the mobo and i had to remove the bar that goes from side to side on the back of the case to be able to install a Coolermaster D92 cooler.

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In that case, I think, I better go with L4000U/L4500U.
Also, for air cooler installation, if you need to remove the side bar, does it compromise the overall stability/steadiness of the case??

From the above topic, it seems the same issue with side bar on L4000U as well to accommodate air cooler towers.

I am wondering, if we can drill new holes with dremel tool or something and move the side bar backwards to accommodate air cooler without loosing stability of the case? Is that a possibility? Or side bar is welded with brackets without the option of moving even with drill new holes option??

Case is made of steel, 1mm steel i think, it is very sturdy. Side bar can be moveed if u drill new holes, thats my plan.
I will use this case for a plex server, so dont really care about hotswap or even the bays with rails. Actually bought two since im planning to use the second as a storage to prob install additional 24 sas drives.
I watched some videos for the L4500U on youtube and i was a little disappointed when i got the L4600U, but still i will keep them since they were cheap, i think they were $145 from newegg with shipping and taxes.

I think this case was first available on october 20ish 2023 so thats problably why there is no info on the web.

Front door panel in photos on NewEgg is misleading giving hope, case is similar to L4500/4000 with lockable door. If they replace that one photo with actual one, buyers at-least know they are different cases.

As you said, for $125, it is a good value for sure for a fixed panel front.

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Any chance of being able to install 120mm fans in front of the drives?

They make slim fans so highly likely


Does not look big enough for 25mm

Agreed that it doesn’t look big enough for 25mm 120’s. I ordered one and it should be here Wednesday. I’ll report back when it arrives!

I can vouch for Rosewill chassis too(Exploring NAS build and testing). Very flexible, affordable and customizable for the cost. Definitely would recommend swapping out the stock fans for a better quality that moves a high volume like Noctua.

Mine arrived this afternoon. Here are a couple quick observations so far.

It can fit 25mm depth 120mm fans in front of the hard drives but not by default. The drive cages have a second set of stand offs that if you use allow for 25mm depth 120mm fans to fit. Using that second set of stand offs allows for 3-5mm distance between the front fans and the hard drives (not the hard drive cage as the HDD extends past both ends of the cages. In this second position it leaves about 15mm between the end of the HDD and the front of the middle fan array.

90deg sata/sas connectors will work great for the top 4 drives in each cage, but the bottom drive in each will require a straight connector.

You can leave the face plate on while removing the front fan mounting plate but it’s easier if you take the front face plate (12 screws, 4 on each side and 4 underneath) as it will be easier to get the filter back into place before reattaching the front fan plate to the front face plate.

All in all, well worth it for $96 shipped plus tax.


Anyone figure out where the 5 2.5” drives go?

**** Edit ****
Figured it out.
2 (1 each side) on the sidewall of the mother board zone.
3 (1 on top of each drive cage)

Just to compare, in L4000U, horizontal bar is not an issue for MB with cooler. I was worried about removing it to accommodate my Arctic 4U-M cooler but all went fine in my build which I just finished an hour ago. Seems like in 4000U, horizontal bar is positioned slightly towards front of the case compared to 4600.

Here are few pics of L4000U to compare both models and clearances of horizontal bar.


Where in the world did you get it for $96??

There was a 30% off coupon in the Newegg store in the TikTok app. Which brought it to $96 shipped plus tax.

There’s currently a 30% off (max $20) coupon that would make it $116.99 w/ free shipping plus tax in the same Newegg shop in the TikTok app.