Rooting my LG Lucky

I am looking to root my LG lucky running Android kitkat. Anyone have advice, rooting apps, or tutorials? If you need more info let me know

Have a look a towelroot, that worked for me and was pretty easy.

cool i will check it out.

I cant find a single app to root my damn phone. I am SO frustrated, NO app will root my phone! >_<

Can you flash a different rom on it which will let you turn on root access? I've never had to root a phone to change the rom but I'm not in america and don't know if that makes a difference.

Dont i have to root it before i can flash a ROM? I Thought that you had to root it first, but i could be wrong. @wendell Can the Over Lord of All Tech help? Any idea why i cant root my phone?

I've never had to, but I think it depends if the Bootloader is locked or not. Usually I just put the phone in to download mode and flash a custom recovery. Then use that to load the rom.

So how would i unlock the bootloader? How do i even tell if its locked?

You could try the shady Chinese ones:

If you find a rom which supports your phone they should have instructions on how to do it.

Tried that..

ok thank ill try that later on tonight.

Well you could get an ubuntu install, install the ADB stuff and just root it that way :|

Ok just stop for a moment here. You've probably pwned your phone multiple times right now trying all those root apps. Just putting it out there, don't get desperate and run just anything on your phone.

But what is the actual model number/codename of your phone? LG Lucky is a generic name. Anyway if you're the unlucky person who ended up with an L16C you can try Kingroot.
But aside from removing bloatware and being able to run some more dangerous apps. There is little benefit to rooting this phone since there are no third party roms of any sort available for it.

Source: Cyanogen Contributor

EDIT:Saw you already tried kingroot.
Anyway, post your exact model number and I'll let you know if there's a way to make it work.
Alternatively, try and sell your phone and get one of those listed here

Its an lgl16c.
I have a crap ton of bloat ware, and i was wanting to upgrade to 5.1.1. thats why i want to root.

Have you done the factory reset on the phone after using kingroot? The root installation on this phone only takes effect then.

Also I'm not aware of anyone doing any rom work regarding 5.1.1 for the lgl16c. Thus I don't think there is any way to get this phone to a newer version, unless your specific mobile operator has locked the phone to a specific version of android other than LG's latest. Almost all of the development work from the various communities has been focused on the LG G3, (lg-d8xx and lg-f4xx) range. So no luck there, unless someone suddenly starts a project for this niche device. Most specialised devices that where manufactured in small production runs such as the lgl16c actually often never even gain any aftermarket support.

I am going to try that real quick, will let you know if it works.

Backup your stuff and run kingroot again before you reset to make sure. ;)

Thats what im working on. fingers crossed

Nothing. it fineshed rooting, i did the factory reset and it still isnt rooted. >_< well i guess i will just have to go get a bigger microsd and deal with it.