RIP Caselabs: CaseLabs Declares Bankruptcy

The TL;DR of said Twitter Post.

Caselabs couldn’t afford to ship components or receive components because of Trump’s tariffs on CHINA.

Press ‘F’ to pay RESPEKs


Doesn’t CaseLabs also run 45drives?

Nevermind, that’s protocase.

This is too bad, but I’ve always found CaseLabs to be pretty niche anyways.

Sorry to see them close, but I have a hard time believing that they couldn’t beat 80% by moving their manufacturing onshore.


Now @anon43920604 has a collectors item :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh they were priced way to high imo only paid retail for 1 of the 2 cases i have





Well that sucks.

I was planning on getting a replacement door from them with Tempered Glass (that they just announced as available) to replace the current one which has shitty Acrylic.

If only they could be forced to sell off their copyrights and patents so others could continue to offer support for said products.

Also needed some drive cages and a drive cage mount for this thing.

Guess I’ll just have to make that shit myself.

Wait, they charged that much and the shit was still made in China? Jesus lol

Meh, I mean I don’t wanna say I’m happy they’re gone, because I’m not, but they won’t be missed. Fairly average products for shit tons of cash. Not that appealing. The Kimber/Colt of the PC space


The sad thing is, I can’t imagine what they had being made in China based on the actual quality of my own case.

I’ve enough experience with metals to be able to tell when something is made of Chinesium, and this ain’t that. Overpriced maybe, but it’s definitely not the usual “Advertise as one thing, ship as pot metal that can be poked through with tweasers”

Just bought the last side fan mount in Gunmetal that was available Amazon, now to find as many of the drive cages as I possibly can.

Maybe it was the ridiculous amount of packing materials in their flat packed cases, maybe it was paint?

If it’s the fucking screws I’m going to be angry, as well as laugh. This thing has like 14 screws for each joint in the top front, top back, bottom front, and bottom rear.

Then again Dell can only send my employer something like 4 screws for every part order we make and absolutely refuses to send us more than that for any given order, regardless of screw type or the number of parts ordered.

Literally, if we order a part and screws, we get the part with an individual screw bag containing 4 screws. And it’s actually a nicer plastic ziplock baggy than you can get in stores. Heavier plastic.

This can occur for hundreds, if not thousands, of parts at a time if it’s summer and we’re in “bulk repair” mode.

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Looks like NFC sold out at the perfect time. Good for him.

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JayzTwoCents is going to release a Vlog about this I’m sure.


ppl give them too much respkt; they are supposed to be american based and they sold for price cases as if they were american made. They weren’t…

so yeah RIP fatties.


The material is material, who cares where it comes from so long as its conflict-free and of high quality?

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if it was about material they’d be fine using merican steel/metal sheets; they aren’t that expensive - and not to mention plenty of gun business uses them here in us.
They are fukken cheap, and have better quality.


I believe they had to charge such markup to make up for the volume.

Low volume in a niche space equals higher markup.

On the twitter post, it said they only had around 20,000 customers.

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what if they actually leveled the price for actual costs. If they were getting pretty much everything from china it’ll likely cost them $20 for case they put up as $400…

maybe then they’d have better business.

and they could easily take over the market stating ‘made in usa’ or whatever. LianLi would have problems.

No one sells anything at cost. If they have no profit margin they cannot run a commercial business, take care of themselves, feed their family, etc.

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what costs are we talking about if you can get it all done cheap, and shipped to you for 40-60$, and you sell it for $400-600 you make 10x profit.

You hire 2-3 ppl to handle orders and customer service; boom cool business.

If you’re so curious about what it actually costs them why don’t you ask them? I’m sure they’d be happy to tell you.

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don’t care enough to ask; but if they were healthy business they’d be able to keep on without china. If its about materials they are sometimes cheaper here in US than in china. This shows bad play at work.