Report: Nvidia Approached Arm About Acquisition

God, I hope this isn’t true.

I don’t want Nvidia ANYWHERE near owning ARM.

I’d sooner have IBM buy up ARM then have Nvidia buying them up.


Pretty much kiss open source development on ARM goodbye should nvidia acquire it.

But who knows, maybe with ARM’s popularity with open source maybe there will be a cultural shift.

Only if it was ARM eating up Nvidia, but since that isn’t the case, I fear the worse.

This would be nice. I wouldn’t have so many qualms with novideo then.

I don’t know… could just be Softbank trying to grab headlines to attract potential buyers.

It’s tough to imagine a scenario where there isn’t intense regulation of a sale of ARM to Nvidia, and government backed assurances of the openness of the platform and instruction sets.

It’s also extremely unlikely that Nvidia has anything close to the capability to manufacture enough ARM chips to meet the demand necessary to pay for the valuation of ARM. So they’d have to work with partners.

Or outright approaching them…

Are you sure about that? Afaik most companies license ARM tech for their own product.


IBM, come take ARM away from Nvidia.

Would be funny if AMD bought ARM


I want this to happen simply to see the tears flow.

Could just mean a push for the alternatives to ARM. More competition certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Eh, once enough money is involved regulation appears to not really be a factor anymore. See the merger between Bayer and Monsanto, for example.


Throw enough money around and you can get away with anything.


ARM with RTX when?

Not gonna lie, an Arm cpu with some RTX bootstrapped on would be pretty sweet.


Oh, you mean like the Jetson, but with a Turing refresh?

To have a fully running :greenteam: :jensen: workstation would be a dream come true.

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Basically. I know they have Volta stuff on the Jetson Xavier stuff, but a handful of Arm cores with something like a RTX 2060 (or even the equivalent of a 2050) would be an amazing little piece of kit.

The Jetson stuff is already nifty stuff when used in applications like autonomous vehicles and image recognition.

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I wonder if they purposely don’t do it because it would be too powerful.

RISC-V is blowing up way too fast. Arm needs the resources of a large company to be able to keep expanding and compete in this decade. An acquisition from a chip manufacturer like Nvidia or Qualcomm is probably exactly what they need right now.