Replacing grass with a native meadow in my back yard

I recently got my pool removed, so I have a lot more grass than I used to. I hate grass.

There is a 500sqft section between some planters that is hard to mow because of tree roots. So I killed the grass (Kinda), tilled it, and spread native Texas seed.

Finding actually native seed turned out to be hard, lots of place claim to be native seed mixes, but then are full of invasive plants?

I ended up with Douglass King Seed’s Feed the B’s Mix

Here are pictures

After tilled, seed spread and raked topsoil over

Just 48 hours later, stuff started to show up

Now exactly 1 week later, things are REALLY starting to come up

I will post updates as they come


Now it’s time to go plant some Texas Weed! It’s not about just “getting high”, thc is a neuro-protectant (as is many other components in there) so really it’s just a protien-rich food source.

Its coming along pretty good. Every day there is a new thing that shows up or blooms


Still growing, bees seem to like it