Remember the draconian future Apple was trying to prevent of "Total Control?" Cue the Irony

That’s right. Apple’s Secure Boot implementation on the T2 security chip effectively locks out replacement of practically ANY part if you don’t have the “Apple Authorized” PROPRIETARY (triggered) Apple Service Toolkit, for which there are 2 versions.

The opinionated piece on OW THE EDGE Motherboard “spills the beans.” But take it with a grain of salt cause it’s VICE.


Waiting on vid from Rossman group


Oh yeah.

grabs popcorn

My body is ready.


Top kek just wait. The next macbooks will complain about capacitor firmware.

This is why you buy old, kids.

Yeah louil won’t have a thing up for a while I think.

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Sooooo what’s the news here :thinking:
Not like this hasn’t been going on forever :smile:

Yeah, we knew there was a TPM-like security chip on the new Macs, but the new news is internal documents got leaked that meant you couldn’t replace a part until you “blessed” the new part by checking in as a authorized repair.

The slides leaked indicate it’s cloud based authentication for the check-in…

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Well seeing as Macbooks are only really bought en masse in the US, I think this doesn’t effect many people to be honest.

At least it doesn’t effect us all that much. And in reality if this pisses ppl off so much… hack it out of there or don’t purchase trash computers!

Well, OK. This has been happening with the iPhone for a while though, remember the fingerprint scanner? “Oops that wasn’t intentional” my ass. Everybody with half a brain knew what was going on.

It was just a matter of time until it got confirmed, and that it’s happening for the Macs too doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Haha, do you really believe that this will keep them from buying them anyway? People are also “pissed of” about the iPhone prices and they’ll just get a mortgage for it anyway because “muh Apple”…

Not at all consumers are really really stupid. If they complain on their blogs that their 4000 dollar netbook died from moisture and that they have to pay 2600 bucks to replace 1 capacitor, I don’t really give a rip. I’ll continue my mantra. Buy older, or buy better.

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Well, Louis Rossman has a video up.

No comment.

post it?

He made a comment about it during a live stream today. He said he can’t make a video about it as there’s so much going on for him, but its just apple being apple.

Needs more info.

FYI, repairs to the components (at least a couple that were tested by ifixit) which are checked by this system still results in a bootable system just one that fails the hardware checks.

Many repairs completely lock down the system until you take it to apple or an apple authorize repair center.

Here is Linus explaining:

Yet a new way apple is pissing off us long term apple users. :cry:

Latest update: Apple confirms the capability to brick a Mac that has undergone a unauthorized repair is most certainly there:

So the moral of the story is, if you want to work in your own computer, don’t buy Apple.

That’s the tl;dr gist?


Yup, buy computers without these security chips.


Not starting a thread war here, but I can’t think of anyone that buys into Apple/OS X to “tinker”. They do it, generally, for the graphics editing suite or Unix tools + modern communications compatibility.

I understand the above average consumer that wants to DIY their own repair, but, still… You kind of know this comes with the territory.


Yeah I don’t see that happening either. I do understand I’m the issue, I also don’t think the move is a bad one on the face of it. The chip ensures you have known good hardware in your system.

What would be useful to know is how good it is at detecting malicious hardware replacements.