Reliable PSU brands?

Building a gaming PC right now. Planning to use 2 GTX 970s along with a 4690k OC'ed. I need a reliable PSU that is going to last, not something that will break down after a year, so I was hoping someone might be able to recommend a good power supply brand. I hear Seasonic is pretty good, but I wanted to hear some suggestions from you guys.

Thanks for the help!

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Thanks a lot! These are definitely enough!

I vaguely remember something along the lines of Seasonic PSUs being alright?
I think some other manufacturers like corsairs just make rebrands of them.

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Yes corsair rebrands seasonic, so they would be fine to.

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If you're going to OC, then get something that has a powerful 12 V rail. Something that can take at least 25+ A, mine is from EVGA and while it is 80 Gold it only has a 20 A on the rail so my OC cannot go past 4.7 GHz on my 4690k. (I thought it was good at the time)

Also make sure it makes some kind of efficiency rating. 80+ silver, bronze, gold, platinum, titanium.

Meet both of these requirements and you're good. If you see a PSU with none of these or one of these then avoid like the PLAGUE.

Cant go wrong with seasonic

EVGA have a 10 year warranty

Corsair are good

Just make sure that what you buy has either a strong single rail or solid multi rail design and that the amperage of the 3.3 and 5v rails is good as well.

all the above + Super Flower

Here is a short list of brands everybody should avoid !!!:

Achieve, Akyga, Altis, Aspire, Atlas, Aton, Bandit, Bestec, Carbon , Coba, Codegen, ColorSit, COMPAQ, Computer, Cube Max, Deer, Delux, Eurocase, Everpower, Feel, Fever, Four Star, Gembird, Gigabajt, GoodWatt, Hawk, Hec , Impet, Incore, Intex-Action, i-box, I-TEC, KingStar, Levicom, Likeenergy, Linkword, L&C, Logic, LOGISYS, Macron, Megabajt, Mercury, Metropilis, Modecom Feel, Mustang, Newton Power, Pangu, Platin Power, Power, Power Color (stare rev.), Power comp, Powerfox, Power Man, Procase, Procomp, Octigen, Opengate, Qoltec, QTECHNOLOGY, Q-tec, RAIDMAX, Rubikon, Ropla, Sansun, SilenX, Sun Pro, Suntek, Take Me, Task, TE, Tracer, Tronje, Ultra Media, V Power, Whitenergy, Win, Xilence , XION ( old rev.), X-Power, 2N

My recommendation would be Super Flower, but SeaSonic is ok too.
But avoid FSP at all costs.

I don't know when FSP became a bad brand, they still get fairly high remarks for some of the low-power SFX PSUs and even their recent Aurum PT-1200W got a good review from AnandTech.

I've had good luck with Corsair PSUs. specifically the RM series power supplies. i recommend those if you want a good durable silent PSU.

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Seasonics are not "ok", they're superb.

okay someone tell what all the rage is with seasonic? I've read plenty of reviews on amazon and newegg on some of the pus's and looked at the specs myself. Nothing that isn't already out there for cheaper.

Sometimes, even good brands produce crappy models.

Generally, I check out PSU reviews on

They do probably the best job at reviewing. Testing properly. If they recommend it, it's good.

Very clean voltage delivery on all fronts, excellent efficiency, and very solid construction with little issue. Oh, and they have a 7 year warranty.

Just a headsup! EVGA has a 10 year warranty!

Those are manufactured by Super Flower.

Corsair does not manufacture any PSUs. They instead rebrand products from various OEM. They use different OEMs even within same series. Take for example RM series: 4 of them are made by Channel Well Technology and 2 are made by Chicony.

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Also on a different point, is there a reason you are going with sli 970s instead of a 980?

Corsair or Silverstone is what I'd buy for myself.

i didn't mention who manufactured the PSU. that's irrelevant to this conversation, OP asked what are some reliable PSU brands, and I named Corsair. I've had great experience with the RM Series PSUs. that's all.