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Recent RMA of a Ryzen with segfault bug?


Thank you but they just reply… and i have to pay.
Do you know a cheap tracked courier? :grinning:

"Thank you for your Email:
Please be informed as per the RMA policy one side shipment should be done by your side, I kindly request you to use any one of the nearby registered courier service to send the faulty unit back to the warehouse and provide me the tracking number once it is shipped.
In order to update this service request, please respond, leaving the service request reference intact.
Best regards,

AMD Global Customer Care"


Do they want it in the original box or just the CPU itself? If you could just send the CPU in a small hard plastic case in a padded envelope you probably wouldn’t have to spend too much. Most couriers’ websites have cost calculators you can use.


They just want the processor. The problem is that AMD need a tracking number to send it to you before it arrives (and also signed). Therefor the minimum is 9-15 £ for a standard delivery (7-15 days).
We will see, I send the tracking number yesterday and they haven’t replied. If they don’t send it before it arrives… it looks like I am going to be without my pc for a very long time…


That’s why I’ve haven’t RMA’d my cpu. I don’t want to be without my pc. I was planning on upgrading to 2700x instead, but I’m just going to wait another 6 months for Zen 2 which is rumored to be significantly better.


I didn’t mind to be without a pc for a few days, but it looks like the RMA is going to take longer than I thought.


I’m probably going to do this soon. I checked the date codes on some reviewers’ heatspreaders and it looks like the earliest 2nd gen chips were 1808 or 1810, but I think people are still getting back week 40-something 2017 1st gen chips. I don’t think they’re going to run out of 1st gen chips any time soon.


Containers get lost and misplaced (litterally, they get placed in the wrong spot and are lost among millions) all the time. I bet there are still factory new R9 200 series and GTX 700 series in some container somewhere in the world.


This might be a little late but where did you purchase your CPU? I bought my old 1700X on Amazon and I had the segfault bug. When I told Amazon about my issue they sent a new one, which again had the segfault bug. But I waited until the new Ryzen CPUs where released to RMA this one and told Amazon I wanted the money back. With the money of the 1700X I bought a 2700X and even saved a couple of bucks :slight_smile:


They sent you a new one? You didn’t have to send the old one back? That is weird.
I bought mine from amazon as well.


Blurred because off topic. I like free things. Send my way.


Yeah ofc I had to send it back. The first time, I had to send it back after I got the replacement. The second time, I bought the 2700X when the customer support assured me that I’d get my money back. (This took quite a long time, but there was a problem related to something else and in theory I’d have gotten my money rather quick).


I bought mine at NCIX so, yeah…
A refund would be nice because I bought mine just a few weeks after launch and it was over $400 CAD, but a new 2700 is under $400


Same here… but I already RMA mine :tired_face: I would have been nice to read Azulath comment 2 weeks ago… :frowning:


It’s arriving today. I just received an sms from DHL. By the way, they didn’t send any email to let me know the parcel was shipped.


Did you happen to note the date code of your replacement? How’s the volt/frequency curve and memory clocks/controller compared to the original one?


Here you have it. ![image|image
Memory clocks/controller worst than the previous one. I could achieved 2993Mhz cl14 and now it doesn’t boot above 2666Mhz.
Related to the processor voltage/frequency, I haven’t play with it a lot but I could achieved 4.0Ghz stable pretty easy, 1.3-1.4V (average 1.33-1.35V)


Welcome to the 2666MHz or crash club, take a seat, drinks are in the fridge.

Have the same problem and it is worsend by me using Win7


Thanks budday! I think they have a stockpile of week 30-something to 40-something just for RMAs :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you on the latest agesa/bios?


Yes —