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Recent RMA of a Ryzen with segfault bug?


what do you mean?


Guys, Guys… The lockup/freeze at idle or low load is a motherboard problem mostly on Asrock and Gigabyte boards not the CPU. RMA your boards to fix it.


… are not the point of this topic.


It is though. Check out the replies. People think the random lock issue at idle is CPU problem but its not. It’s a motherboard problem. I’m just making people aware

  1. No, OP asked about how the RMA goes and if anyone did it recently
  2. It does not have to be the motherboard (GPU or RAM)


Just check the first few replies and then talk. I never said OP said.

The idle freeze on Ryzen is always the motherboard. I have personally faced it along with a lot of people on this forum and fixed by changing the mobo.

Gpu and ram causes crashes at stress tests not idle.

Please research a bit before replying the thread


I used to get idle freezes with my setup, but only in Linux (never use Windows more than a few hours a week anyway) and sometimes while inside the BIOS. Solved it by upping both the SoC and RAM voltage. No freezes since then.


Well it’s possible the motherboard is bad somehow too, but the CPU is definitely defective. There’s no way to know unless I get a known working CPU first. Ehhh I should probably get on that at some point. I just can’t be arsed to get my old system up and running and I’ll wanna do that before I go through the RMA process so I have something to use.