Why the Razer hate?

Is Razer to gaming like comparing Tapout to fighting?

Overpriced and low quality. I've seen so many broken deathadders. (While there's a Razer add on my screen)

more like what beats are to headphones..

the stuff just costs more then its worth.

Gonna be the devils advocate here, I love Razer. I have a Blackwidow keyboard which I love and a Naga that I cant live without. I have a total of 3 Razer mice that have yet to break and all my friends have Razer mice that have yet to break. The only complaint would be their headphones. They arent horrible but there are better ones out there. 

Totally agree. I've used the Naga and the G600. Both are amazing. while the G600 has one more button which is cool and all I could take it or leave it. As far as i'm concerned none of their equipment have ever messed up on me. Now Turtlebeach, that's another story. They're gear sucks, as well as Alienware.

Until a company manages to make a better Naga then I'm stuck with Logitech and Razer. Unless you wanna count Corsair's attempt...or Cyborg's.

Would love to see Steel Series take a crack at it though.

Same.... Love my Naga. 

Was given a Naga Epic for Christmas. Very nice mouse, I really like it. No complaints thus far.

 I've had my Deathadder for over 4 years now and it has served me very well. - I'm going to move on to the Mamba and the reason for choosing this over the Razer Deathadder 2013 edition if because of the 2 extra buttons on the 'left click'

So I just had a quick question on if any Razer fans in-the-know knew if a new version of the Mamba was coming out any time soon. As for me, to make it the perfect mouse, it would have a scroll wheel that clicked left and right as well - Just like the Naga 2014 edition does.

I've had my blackwidow for 1.5 years now (paid 70$ CDN) and my Naga epic for about 1 year (paid 100$ CDN). I really have to say I love their stuff. :P

Not to say that companies like corsair and logitech are bad, it's just razer makes their products generally clean looking, which I like. Most other products are priced similarily, it's just razer dosen't really have 'cheap' offerings.

I tried a Razer mouse (can't remember which one) and I just remember it being way to small for my hand. Also I found there keyboards to be louder than my K70.

thecaveman, I think the noise of the keyboard will just be down to witch switch type is used (I'm assuming here that you went with mechanical keyboards.)


Regarding the mouse issue.

People are telling me on another forum that if I go from my Deathadder (3G sensor version) to the Mamba that I will be getting a sensor downgrade. Can anyone expand on that?

I do also like the Naga. I don't play any MMO's put for things like Battlefield, I have used it at a friends house for switching weapons and I find it much easier using that so I can keep my fingers on WASD. But that is really the only game I see the Naga being useful for me for. -- This is why I'm thinking more to go with the Mamba. I'm used to the Deathadder shape for 4+ years and it gives me 2 extra buttons on the left click

I've had a handful of Razer products over the years and have not had a problem. It's a silly reason but I just think the designs are cool. I like the cheesy lights and the colors. If anything they put some thought into it. I like the programmable thumb buttons on the keyboard and mouse. I've had the tiamat 2.2 and 7.1 and liked them both. It's not the best and it's not junk, it's somewhere in between I think. It comes down to your happiness. It's you sitting there with your mouse and board, who cares if someone else doesn't like it...

Couldn't agree with you more turn_key.

However, from personal experience I am not a fan of their headsets. I can't recall the name but I had one of their earlier 5.1 models and it broke pretty quickly and wasn't the most comfortable. I have since Moved on to Tritton's.


But back to topic. Does anyone know why this guy on another forum is telling me that I will get a sensor 'downgrade' by going from a 3G Deathadder to a 4G Mamba?

Turns out no one really hates Razer products.

The headsets are flimsy, can't argue there.

I forget the difference between the sensors because I looked at both before buying the deathadder, but it's negligible. I doubt many of us can tell the difference between laser and optical, or dpi settings. I know I can't unless it's from the lowest to highest. I suspect your guy is reading into the specs a bit too much. It might be technically better, but is it noticeable or will it get you more frags? 

I have tried all sorts of different switches, including the Cherry MX blues razer puts in everything and that keyboard was by far the loudest I have ever heard.


It isnt Razers fault that switches can be loud.

Blue switches are clicky. They click.

If you want quiet, you can choose browns.

Of course the mx blues were the loudest youve ever heard. Thats the point of blue switches.

The deathadder 3g has one of the best mouse sensors ever made. Most people can't tell the difference between a good and bad sensor so 99% of the time, mouse manufactuers make the mouse that they can market the best, not the mouse with the best performance. They have actually gotten worse at making sensors that perform well and better at making sensors that sell well. This is why you see mice with increasing dpi. Higher dpi doesn't increase accuracy, the mouse companies are like: hey guys, this sensor has a higher dpi than your old mouse, come buy it! The dual sensor is another such gimmick. 

If you're fairly casual, you probably won't notice a difference and i wouldn't worry about it. 


You probably won't notice 

What a twist :D

The Only Razer product I own is the Razer Atrox. As someone who plays a lot of fighting games I can honestly tell you this is a great product. Yes its a little expensive but, you are paying more for better build quality and durability. A lot of pro players use this fight stick and have only said good things about it. It is can be fully customized as they give you full access to the internals and storage compartments for easy modding. I love this Fight Stick and the fact that it works with my PC is even better.