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I’ll be honest, the way I’ve handled things was lame for the last few days. I’ve been under a lot of pressure lately and I just want to get back to making great content for you all. What you’ve seen should have been handled internally and amongst the Tek Syndicate staff. This probably seems so sudden to everyone and we could have handled this split more professionally.

There came a time where I realized that my vision for Tek Syndicate was muddy. We often did not see eye-to-eye on things, some things didn’t get done, there was unspoken resentment, etc. We really have been going our own separate ways. Our projects really lacked communication and common vision. I’m surprised we didn’t made changes sooner, given how Tek Syndicate has been recently. Something had to be done. It was time for two separate visions and two separate teams or companies.

This is my company and I’ll shoulder the blame for the communication issues. I could’ve handled the aftermath in a better way. I’m sorry this became a public issue instead of an internal one. Ultimately it's stressful and somewhat ugly (he said, she said and such). In the end, I’m very happy about these changes. I am going to be able to build a local team and really focus on the original vision and start making awesome content for you guys.

Moving forward, changes are coming. Managing a company spread across the states was a bad idea. I am only interested in having a core unit now. My ambition has been to find a place full of nerdy culture and good people, and Portland is finally the place. There is a great network of people here and I’m sure tapping into that will help with our content.

People are concerned about finances. We have hired an amazing CPA here in Portland who specializes in wily tech companies. He is helping with the books now and will help us fix any issues from the past. I also plan to shuffle most of the day to day minutia into someone else's hands so I can focus on content.

I know some of you are here specifically for Wendell’s brain, and I’m all for making it possible from time to time. He can’t be replaced, but I’m going to be looking for cool and charismatic individuals to help host new content with me and I will actively listen to what you guys have to say about them. I’m also going to be looking for another individual here to help with the business management end of things so I can keep making content, not take down the site again when freaking out over nonsense (thanks again Wendell for the help), and make sure we deliver for the patrons.

Sorry you guys had to be along for this bumpy ride and that it was a spectacle. I really care about the community a lot, despite what the trolls say. I want to do more community events like Lan Syndicate. I want to meet more of you and I want to keep creating content for everyone.

We all came here because we have common interests: nerd culture, a love of knowledge, shenanigans, etc. Let's get back to that asap. Thanks to everyone.


So does this confirm that Wendell will no longer be part of Tek Syndicate?


He can't say for sure, is how I read that.

Wendell having his own channel might be a thing, but I doubt he'd keep it alive.


Can we just change our name and you start a new forum?


@Logan @wendell


Wendell said that he was on the way out during the PGP stream.


Can we get some clarification on how the forum will be proceeding? Will this fall to Wendell's control or will this transfer to your hands?



Lol, He's gone surely... Just not sure when

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Thanks for the info.

Well I'm glad to hear that things will be slowly returning to some semblance of normalcy around these parts. Definitely sucks that this shit got to be of public concern, but look at it this way; everyone learned a LOT about how NOT to handle these situations in the future, and I feel that moving forward things will continue to improve. Seems like you have your thoughts pointed in the right direction, and I look forward to seeing your vision for Tek Syndicate come to fruition in the way you want it to!


Same here ... because ... if it stays with you @logan you can NOW delete my account (because we can't do it ourselves).

I do NOT want to associate with anything you do from now on anymore, nor do I feel like wanting to support you in any way (1 cent of YT revenue due to a watched video is already 1 cent too much going into your pocket).


Glad to hear this. But I personally don't want to see this place split into two companies. So instead maybe just do what Gamespot has done and form two separate offices that work together to produce content and other things. And yes the communication was VERY bad, almost self-destructing if you asked me.


I have nothing on this atm. I am going to backseat and see where the situation will be heading.


after reading this...

I'll see you all at LS 2

good luck with your new (refreshed?) venture


soooooo, where'd the money go? What was so stressful that caused such poor communication?


Pass the popcorn please :)


Shouldn't have been a singular vision, youguys were a team, it's what made you great.



It's time to show and prove Logan...


Yes, you handled things probably in the worst way you could.

Now, I wish you the best with whatever direction you move in but I doubt I'll follow it after this, I hope you find something that works for your vision and that's all I really have to say on the matter.


I'm also interested in what will happen to the community/website. Personally, I'd prefer to see the community given to Wendell, but that's just me.

You'll be hard pressed to find a co-host who can articulate their knowledge with such ease, @Logan.


I do truly wish you luck in trying to do that


This. If he wants a blank slate, starting a new forum would be easier.