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Raspberry Pi B 4 is out

Pretty neat. Up to 4gb of RAM for $55. Wireless AC and USB 3. USB C charger is great like keeping consistency across chargers. Also supports 4k playback and two displays.

I look forward to playing with this.

An ARM tag would be nice btw. Edit: thanks @eden

What is going to be fun is to watch the rush to port software to the new model. I eagerly await RaspBSD.


It’s a good update from the looks of everything.

Ethernet suffered before from being on USB if I remember correctly? I wonder how this one performs.

I do wish they would put on some speedy on board memory. Maybe there isn’t the dove but it seems like an obvious plus?

I might pick one up.


Competition has definitely heated up. Glad to see they upped their game.

The software support is definitely the selling point.


Question, The Canakit site states that there’s PoE support. Is that to supply power from the ethernet port onboard to power an external PoE device (like an IP camera) or does that mean the board can accept PoE power from a switch or injector to power the raspberry pi itself?

Looks like it can be POE supplied but does not power other devices.


This looks absolutely brilliant, and right when I was considering picking up another.


Well, this could be a great option to finally start my Linux Powered CarPC project. The added RAM should help run a touchfriendly DE and make multitasking a lot better.
At least worth a try i guess.


Oh if it supports native PoE to the pi this is an instant buy for me.


Oh same. XD

POE hat is $20.

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Tomshardware has a few performance tests.

It seems that the USB3 and Ethernet perform at the sort of levels you would usually expect. i.e. not on a cutdown bus.


Spec sheet says ‘natively attached Ethernet controller’ (embedded in the SoC).

Ah so sounds like controller is there but needs the hat to control power input.

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It also has hardware h.265 decode, supposedly up to 4k60.

That, along with the better usb and Ethernet throughput are awesome.


The Micro HDMI makes it instantly less convenient. She they couldn’t have also used USB-C for that.


Damn, all this cool stuff coming out when I just got spent. Now I am going to have to add the RPi4 on top of the NVidia Jetson Nano and a RockPro64 on my “SoC to grab” list.

Has anyone seen if the form factor has changed as far as the screw hole placement? Wondering if I can drop-in replace my rpi3s (on standoffs w/ no case).

Putting two full sized HDMI ports on it would have wasted a lot of room. And it is still HDMI, not mini-Displayport.
Edit: Allthough, miniDP to whatever adapters are easier to find than microHDMI…

Time to try gluster again.