Rant on new windows update

Another big windows 10 update another bunch of annoying stuff.

Automatically removed Intel WidI - no warnings until the update was done. ( I don't use this but still wtf)
Automatically repined Edge and the Windows store- wtf i don't want that shit pined.
Automatically reinstalled 3d builder, solitaire collection, skype beta, get office app,
Automatically re-enabled microsoft sync for my account.
* possibly re-enabled onedrive to auto start - not sure if I had this turned off on the laptop before

and who knows what else it auto enabled.

Seriously microshit this is really getting out of hand. I have already added Manjaro to my laptop looks like Ill be doing that for my desktop as well. I just wish I didn't need windows at all but unfortunately Linux can not run games like Battlefield yet.


you updated to win10 its your fault.

Would you mind if windows10 did whatever it wanted if it wasn't your primary system, or if it was virtual box in first place? KVM... and use it for games or whatever only... linux for the rest.

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Trouble with windows? oh my! who could have expect that :o .....I really believed you would be the first one it would work out for...

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Reinstall it?

Literally two clicks to remove

Uninstall them

Disable it

I'm not defending Windows here, but holy shit dude, these complaints are so fucking ridiculous.


So updating to windows 10 automatically means that I should just accept whatever microsoft does to it in any future update?

I am using linux for the rest, still doesn't make it acceptable to just do whatever the fuck they want removing/adding their shit programs to my computer.

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And you got a good point there.

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I already have done this but why do i need to do this shit every time there is a big update.... that is the part I am ranting about. Why do I need to go through my entire PC after they do some update and check that none of my settings are changed.

You don't have to update. You cant still opt our right? Just don't do a lot of webbrowsing on that machine. Legal video games are not know for there vicious ways to corrupt your pc.

true, so either install old distro and lock it out from microsoft servers and kill all update services... thats what i did; and i run it from kvm anyway.

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Did you get the OS for free? Did you agree to the EULA when it installed? if you answered yes to both you have to accept that MS owns your stuff and will dictate to you what you want and will have, and eventually how you will use it.


eula for win 10 is awesome, they've pointed that to their website - so you agreed to a URL; which they can change/manipulate anytime they want. Its also written in a way that you have no idea what you're accepting not even someone who knows a little bit of law.


There's no use complaining.You agreed to the EULA, Microsoft basically now owns your soul as far as that computer goes, so long as Windows is running on the hardware. If you want out, you can do so.

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There's a quote I would like to refer you to from an OG on the forum Lessershoe..

If you hate what windows is doing to your system, then get a mac, if you want control of your system, install Linux. if you won't do neither? then Shut the fuck up.


Every day it becomes more apparent to me the virtues of running Windows 7 or 8.1 (locked down) in a KVM and limiting your exposure to the MS apparatus that is gaining in reach with every new update.

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Truer words where never spoken.....

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With the exception of DX12 (which is a shitshow), why did you install Win 10?

I'm running Window 7 for now, and I vow that it is the last version I will run.

Pretty much anytime i see a thread like this I'm glad I'm not on windows 10.
Additionally I would follow these steps if windows 10 somehow got on my rig:

  1. uninstall windows
  2. install linux
  3. be happy
  4. (optional) make a windows vm
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Couldn't somebody still go back to Windows 7 if they wanted? All these windows 10 complaints, you know there are other versions of windows you could use? Unless you desperately needed DX12.

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It came with the laptop.

I have already been using Linux, just anoyed when I do sign into windows for a game that it auto does this big update and once rebooted these changes happend.

Serously? Ok then @Urworstnit3m3r.