Random blue screens. New build. Mainly while gaming. Can't figure out what is the problem

Hope this is in the right section. So I am using Windows 7, and I have a build since a couple of months, but over and over again I get random blue screens. Mainly while gaming. Here are my system specs:

Haf 912 Advanced

Asrock 970 extreme 4

Crucial tactical 1866 mhz cl9

AMD FX 6300

Sapphire HD 7870 xt

XFX 850 watt PSU

120 gb San Disk Extreme Pro SSD.

Some old WD2500 HDD with 250gb's, and 8 mb cache to store games on it.


Here are the last couple of blue screens I got:





Sometimes my pc just slows down while doing moderate things. And I think the performance of my GPU isn't as good, kinda laggy sometimes while gaming. I've had the newest GPU drivers, and I have installed now the drivers that came with it. No diffrence. Sometimes I can use it for a very long time, and it doesn't BSOD, sometimes it does. I couldn't figure out what to do. Thanks for the responses.

Could be ram, or those old hard drives. 

Most likely those old hard drives.

and what can I do to make it work?

test ur ram..

What program do you recogment? I've used a thingy from Microsoft, but I don't think that's accurate.

mem test.


After that, if your RAM passes, use Crystaldiskmark to check your hard drives.


ok. I am currently testing my ram for 24 hours... and yes, I've read the full manual. Thnx.

Smells like RAM, but I'd still check temps, card seating, and maybe roll back your GPU drivers a version or two to see what happens.

A plastic clip to hold the GPU is broken off. But it is seated well, and the screws are in. Could it be that? I thought it's just a piece of plastic for lets say: transportation.

I've let memest run for 12 hours, with 6 instances of it, the free memory available divided by six, so it does get all my ram. No errors. Looks like my ram is ok.  I'll try the harddrive now.

If you're talking about a clip near the bottom (motherboard side) of the card, then it 'should' stay still. So long as it's seated properly, then I'd be 'ok' with that myself. If it's feasble, you could rule it out by having the case board-side down so that gravity is keeping it even better in place.

Ok. Here is the test of my Harddrive:


Looks OK for me...?

Yeah. Maybe, if nohing helps, I'll seat it in again.

Only other thing I can suggest is are your bios up to date but I only recommend you try it if you tested everything else and your still having problemsand you feel comfortable flashing them

So it's an old SATA1 HDD then. I doubt that's causing the BSOD though it would be more wide spread than your system. Have you done a S.M.A.R.T. check and scandisk (long version) yet? That'll checkout the physical aspects of the drive.

nope. I will use this 2 programs and inform you guys. I also have random freezes and when I boot up it often appears that he doesn't want to. My motherboard says then code 10. It means pei core started. Now and then there are randomly stupid things happening with it, and I have to power that thing off and on again with the button.

Ok. Little update. I have updated my bios from version 2.20 to 2.40, wich states at asrocks site, that it is improving memory problems. I've tried scandisk, but for some reason it says it can't read my registry?! But I'll try S.M.A.R.T. check soon. So if the problem accours again, and it will accure, because it happens during the day, it's just a matter of time then. I'll inform you guys soon if it happens again, or if it doesn't happen anymore ofcourse.

Use CrystalDiskInfo on those old drives there SLOW and probably near death :/

This is what a healthy WD Blue looks like 

I ran SMART, scandisk, etc on my data drives the last few days and the Crystal app gave similar numbers to his. Both drives were nearly identical to each other's results, both are WD, and both are 'healthy'. My guess is that his drive is a 5400rpm drive, but that shouldnt' be causing this unless his fails the bad sector test. Yes, it 'could' cause stutters on a read/write intensive app, but the system buffers should compensate for that.

I did some reading on those specific BSOD and:

It's most likely a device driver conflict, but may not show up As a conflict. Basically, with the last BSOD specifically, you have two devices trying to access the same bit of memory simultaneously. One user figured out that their sound card was conflicting with their audio related to their HDMI connection as both seemed to be trying to function at the same time. They disabled one of the two and no more BSOD. While it didn't cause a BSOD for Me, I do recall having to Tell my system to use the HDMI for audio output simply because it was trying to pipe it through my soundcard.

As for your scandisk, boot into 'safe mode' via hitting F8 during boot. Try the scandisk then as that environment should prove to be cleaner than a normal boot.

Edit: Just chimed in to say your English is way better than my German. :-p

Thanks for the compliment. I am surrounding my self with only english. Movies, music, googeling, reading, what ever. The only problem that I am encountering are the vocables. They really get on my nerves. Because it just makes me angry if I want to write/say something and I don't have the words. Arrrghhhhhh. I've even opened a topic about how to learn a language, if you want to check it out:


It just appears somehow, that in my chromebrowser the adds and the other content is lapping over my topic. But with explorer it looks fine for some reason. Can't understand why that is. Maybe this will help you learning.


So I've seen under sound, that I've 3 more audio devices. I've disabled them. I'll run scandisk tomorrow. Thanks.