Radeon 5700XT, an experience

I had an R9 Fury for as my pixel pusher since late 2015. It was a fine and useable card. The only thing that made it a problem was the 4GB VRAM, in recent times, I more often than not closed applications that would use more then 50MB VRAM.
Introduce the 5700XT.

The two side by side:

The Installation:
The box arrives. So I go to shut down my PC for what I expect to be a 15 minute break.
After removing the R9 Fury and GPro4200, I unbox the 5700xt. Before putting it into its new home, I give my PC a quick clean, especially the front intake and the CPU cooler need it.
Put in PCIe power, seat it in the slot, screws in, side panel closed done!
I go to power up the system. Windows7 does its little “new hardware”-dance. After that passes without throwing errors, I restart before taking DDU to the old drivers.
One restart later, the driver for the 5700xt is stuck at “checking for versions”, I give it a moment as my Internet is not the most reliable.

5 Minutes later.
I boot up my other PC and start browsing for solutions or workarrounds. One suggestion is to use the auto detect and install. Easy enough.
That gets stuck at “detecting hardware”.
Another suggestion was that Win7 needs all updates to be able to handle the card. Also easy enough. Updates happen, only took 5 Minutes. I am now over my expected time by 15 Minutes.
I try redownloading the drivers, just in case. Nothing.
I put the GPU in the other PCIe slot. Nothing.

Drivers are available for Win10 aswell, might try those on Win7. Does not work, was worth a shot though.

The Mistake:
As I got one spare SSD in my PC that does nothing, is not even formated, I decide to put Win10 on my machine.
At this fatal moment, I notice that a) the machine still has network connection, meaning Win10 will nag me about entering all the details and, b) all my harddrives are still connected. I am not worried about data loss, that is what backups are for, or my Fedora install. The Windows7 install though… badfeeling.exe

Win10 installs fine, I uncheck all the big brother functions and start installing drivers. On reboot, Win7 tries to start, CHKDSK comes up and does its thing, then Win10 pops up.
Seemingly, Win10 took over the Win7 install and made itself the primary boot by force.
The 5700XT drivers work now though.

The Card:
So I install Steam, point it to the game library and run some games to get a feeling for the cards performance. [email protected] should be easy (it is). Doom2016 hits magical FPS hights, GRIP (UE4 based racing game) runs smooth and steady, only Heroes of the Storm struggles. FPS are anywhere between 5 and 250, mostly arround 55 to 75 though.

What I plan on testing is openCL performance in DaVinciResolve. Should be a slight performance increase over the R9 Fury.

Temperature and noise are very good. Never saw the fans get near 40% or temps climb beyond 60°C. It is definetly (and measurebly) more quiet than my R9 Fury was.


Can confirm that to be also the case on 75Hz, the last one might also have happened to me (could also have been Win10 on its own).
Another problem is that enabling Sync of any kind locks FPS to 30, so Vsync, FreeSync and EnhancedSync are not an option, FPS limiter only.


  • Drivers are iffy
  • Win10 kills other Windows installs
  • Performance is there

Ultrawide++ gaming:
I wanted to give my card a little workout. So I hooked up one more monitor for 6400x1080p60 gaming.
At 83% the pixel count of 4k, I was at full load, 60 to 80FPS and 180 to 220W power on the GPU. Temperature was completly in check (as was noise).


How I achieved 6400x1080?
2x 1920x1080p monitors on the sides, 1x 2560x1080p for center.

DaVinci Resolve
The 5700XT works for it.
4k60 with some effects without color correction renders in nearly perfect real time (system specs in my profile).

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User Experience

cause count
BSODs windows faults the driver for 5
BSODs windows is at fault for itself >9
System Crashes without BSOD >4 (I think)
Driver crashes 13 (?)
> Recoveries 4
> System restart required >7
Windows 10 wierdness 11/10
Rage quits 2
Angry forum posts 1

With that said, it is hard to tell what causes what to crash. There are sometimes flickers on screen. Might be related to FreeSync. Turned that off for now to make sure.


With Windows fucking 10 beeing the restarting, ever updating, always virus scanning piece of crashing shit it is, it is very hard to tell what causes a crash.
Crashing from games, desktop use, setting sound settings, resetting sound settings after a crash reset them (cause windows fucking 10), finding settings that have 4 different ways to access them, but not where they sensibly would be and other SHIT I AM NOT WILLING TO DEAL WITH, I am now desperatly waiting for Linux to have proper Navi support.
No idea how bad AMDs drivers are because Windows10 can not even handle sending real time audio via USB without getting severe hickup.


check msconfig and see if its in there.

This is part of the reason why I didn’t hop on Navi. I think I will try to wait out the year and see what AMD launches next year to replace my Vega.
Right now its doing fine with gaming at 4K while driving 2x other 4K monitors.

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Okay, so…
Sometimes the card reports 100% load to windows, but also reports 50MHz core in the performance overlay and 2% load.

From that state, opening any window will make the screen go blank and the chance for recovery is close to 0.
Audio continues, input is donesky though.

Crashes from fullscreen applications are unlikely except (!) when FreeSync is turned on. Then it is 50/40/10 or crash/recoverable crash/BSOD.

I am beginning to wonder if the card is a dud. With supply beeing what it is, reports of similar issues are scarce, which is probably a good sign?

I’ve had similar happen with World of Warships, the game will sometimes freeze but audio will continue. I had a lot of random shutdowns on the 17.5 driver but getting random BSODs on the latest driver. Haven’t had a repeating stop code yet but they all attribute Windows as cause. Hard to tell if it’s just the 5700 XT causing most of the issues or my 3900X/X570 causing some as well.

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I just had a “video lost” crash after which the system would boot up and load drivers (because fans spun down and audiointerface blinked aswell as mainboard code read out turned off).
Tried other VBIOS, nothing.
Tried other monitor, nope.
Tried troubleshooting.

Will now install 19.9.1 drivers, after that I will contact Mindfactory and/or AMD for RMA.

Edit: Nope, it is dead

RMA unit arrived.
Plugged in and it works without trouble.
Had one case of BSOD but that was related to win10 wierdness.

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More exotic Problems
Driver 19.9.2
Win10 Edu - 1903

After some random use time, the GPU reports 100% load, which it clearly is not because 100% sounds much different fan wise. Then image out to all monitors is lost and the system will not respond to input. Audio out will continue to operate as normal.
Looking at HWinfo logs before a crash, fans and temps are fine (35°C CPU, fans in the 400 to 550 range, VRM 50s range, 45°C GPU, fans off).

Also: According to event viewer, seconds (more like miliseconds) before disaster, the network connection drops or recovers to gigabit full duplex.


Time for full system trouble shooting.

Start unplugging everting non essential, all additional PCI things hard drives and USB stuff. If it is not needed to boot its not connected. Narrow it down to as few potential problem components.

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Tracing something random like this is hard.
I suspect it has to do with the onboard NIC.

Is that also passing through the PCIe bus? Maybe it is interfering with the slot the GPU is in?

I do not have enough info to guess about that.

Will try removing all SATA and PCIe devices. If it still crashes, it is either mobo, GPU, CPU, RAM or PSU.

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Testing complete
Something in Win10 panics when Network and PCIe are active at once making some system service crash.
As far as I can tell, it is the soundcard (Soundblaster Z).

So… I need a new soundcard because onboard sound is shit.

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Well make sure first. Unplug the sound card and see if it still happens.

Had the drivers deactivated and had no crash since.
Now I have it out completly (and overhauled the cable clutter while at it).

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Have you anything else to plug into that PCIe slot? In case it is not the soundcard but the slot.

I have a TP-Link wlan card I can test.
I doubt it is the slot though.

Probably right but better to know than not before spending any money.

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