Quick/Urgent! - How to persuade my parents to let me get triple monitor Nvidia surround

My parents-- who aren't close to tech savvy -- think it's a huge waste of money building this PC I've been working hard for and they promised.

Why build such an expensive $3k system without 3 monitors if you can get it?!

My parents think it's a HUGE waste of money getting these three monitors.


They are like. "We have brand new monitor downstair. Use that!". It's like some $70 Walmart monitor that has less than a 1080p resolution. It's clunk. Nothing. Useless. Why use such a useless piece of crap with such an expensive build? It ruins it completely!


How can I persuade them? I need to know quick! I'm buying the parts tonight..

I tried to confuse them, sound smart, by saying "this has a better resolution of 1080p, and it has IPS!", my dad just shook his head and said "use the one downstair". They aren't the smartest, English isn't the best language for them.. And I can't just say "oh that monitor is bad". They just don't understand... So... What!!!

What can I say to persuade them to let me get those three monitors?

Its waste of 3k system using that clunky monitor, its not optimal using that clunky monitor for that build. say something like that

Just say something about the old monitor not being compatible with your computer. Download/make an image wich says something like ''Monitor uses faulty ram module wich can cause ware on internal components of your computer.'' or some ither bullshit :) 
That is if you are comfortable lying to your parents even tough you are kinda right.  

Buy the monitors yourself; they can't stop you.

How old are you? I'm guessing you're over 18 because your building a 3k pc. If that's the case I really don't understand why your parents are being so difficult about this. Nonetheless, say something like: "Using that monitor on a 3k machine is like bying a Porsche and then putting in the steering wheel and seats of a 90's Ford". If that doesn't cinvince them, maybe you should use TeSekr's advice and tell a white lie to your parents, if you're ok with that.

Actually. I'm only 14. Turning 15 on the August the 15th. Lol.

I think what the guy said about "Ram modules" and some other bull will work fine, or what you said. I can't find a way to compare it. BUt that car comparison is great.


Thanks guys. Sorry to sound all urgent and whiney. But, I do need to convince them. My parents are easy to belittle but... Stubborn on their ways. Already think that the 3k system is a waste of money, so.. Yeah.

i'm sorry, but i have to know. how in the world did they let you build the pc? where did the money come from? my car doesn't cost that much

A 3k system is a waste; just build a 1 to 1.5k rig every 2 years instead of a 3k rig every 3 or 4 years, so that you stay up-to-date with modern hardware changes, and constantly are getting increasing performance.

Just make sure to make it sound really techy. Spam numbers, undrelated parts and a few movie references should do the trick! 

Obviously he is selling crack on the side... DUH.

In reply to overlord and brennan:

My parents think it's a huge waste of money doing that.

That's why I went on a high budget build so I don't have to upgrade. They DO NOT want to upgrade stuff at all.... Never... So.. I just can't. I have to build it once and not have to upgrade it pretty much. That's why I waited for 700 series Nvidia cards and Haswell.


The money came from them. They are paying for it, promising to build it if I get first rank of my Freshman year, which I did. Now, I need to reason with them for this triple monitor set up---


I'll try. I'll report eventually how it goes.

Still need something to say that sounds pretty solid to someone that doesn't understand technology! Anything! Thanks.

That car comparison is how I convinced my parents to let me buy expensive kb&m ;). But if I were you i really wouldn't spend more than 2k on a rig, that is about as high end as it gets while remaining in the realm of sanity.After that you're getting to the point of deminishing returns. Sure you could spend 400 bucks extra here and it might be 10% faster, spend 200 bucks extra there it might be 5% faster. Maybe if you spend 2k max on it your parents don't mind you buying 3 monitors. 1 thing I'm curious about though, how did you get that amount of money as a 14 year old, 'cause I'm 15 and I'd gladly do the same ;)

They just promised me to build a PC that I want after I get good grades, which I did.

"The monitor we have is a [INSTERT BRAND+MODEL] wich uses 15MB of  v-ram. Older monitors such as this one will therefor make my computer struggle with supplying the monitor with enough information for it's flux capasitor to not blank out the screen. The monitors i am looking into buying only uses 3MB of introvertual electrostatic v-ram wich is better for the components." 

Thanks! That is perfect!

Made me laugh.


Please update me on how it went :)

Tell them it's practical. You are able to use several monitors to multi task/game. Watch videos, streams, video editing etc.

hate to rain on your parade but your in your teen years and instead of spending like 4 grand on a gaming computerand having it being a huge waste of money, i'd spend 2 grand get a perfectly adequate build and put the rest in a saivings fund for college and your parents are  right it is a waste of money


how on earth did u spend 4 grand on a 700 series and haswell build. did u just buy the most expensive thing from each series? i thought about a 4770k and 770 rig that would have cost me maybe a 1.5k at the most. and yeah. you are way too young to be getting that sort of gift for marks. maybe if you got accepted to your first pick university or something

Yea you could easily build an amazing system for 2k. A higher end motherboard with a 4770k and 780. You could run anything and multi monitors. 3k would probably have to include a water loop and sli to make it worth it.