Question about private keys

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to deploy a VPN server. Here is the thread that got me here: VPN's - I'm getting sick of this scam

I was about to deploy Algo because I could not figure out how to get the installer to use python3.6.x even after I installed them, it could only see python2.x.

Because I have better instructions, I decided to install Streisand instead. I was able to complete it and ping the working server; however, I could not access it because I can not figure out how to download the keys from the builder-server in order to use PuTTYgen to upload them to the Streisand server. I have destroyed both servers so I must start from scratch.

Can anyone explain to me how to backup the keys from the builder-server after I generate them? I am using Digital Ocean for the servers and accessing them via Putty.

Thank you.

i would check the directory your working in? maybe find the configs in /etc and see if you can see where it would look for them?

worst case something like:

find / -type f -name “.key" -o -name ".crt”

EDIT: wrong slash, i was working on windows today :-/

I found the keys, I just don’t know how to download them to my machine via PuTTY.

use filezilla or mobaxterm. putty doesnt do download but there is another utility in the putty suite that can. I prefer those other 2 utilities, specifically mobaxterm is kind of an all in one utility that works great.

If your on linux (even if your using WSL) you could also scp the keys back to your host machine as well. If on windows, use WinSCP or Filezilla to connect to the remote machine.

Woah hold on there. You don’t ever need the server’s keys on your machine, only the public certificate. And it is the same the other way around, the server should never have your private key, only the certificate.