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QuakeCon 2016 - Tek Syndicate Group


[Edited 8/2/16]
Your QuakeCon 2016 Weather Forecast

[Edited 3/24/16]
All BYOC tickets have been sold. However they routinely give away seats as prizes. So I’d follow @quakecon on twitter if you don’t already.

Quakecon 2016 event dates are August 4th - 7th

  • Round 1: $400 - SOLD OUT
    Monday, March 14th at 7pm CT/8pm ET
    BYOC Select-a-Seat with UAC Command Center Seating

  • Round 2: $140 - SOLD OUT
    Thursday, March 17th at 7pm CT/8pm ET
    BYOC Select-a-Seat with QuakeCon done Quick

  • Round 3: $40 - SOLD OUT
    Wednesday, March 23rd at 7pm CT/8pm ET
    BYOC Select-a-Seat

  • Round 4: FREE General Attendee Pre-Registration Starts
    Thursday, March 24th at 7pm CT/8pm ET
    NOTE: General Attendees do not have access to the BYOC room. That said, last year we had a lot of general Attendees hanging out with us all weekend, so please come on by even if you can’t get into the BYOC.


Quakecon has an official discord chat server this year that we can all use. Here’s the link.

You can find more detailed information here.


We’re mostly sitting in the same area as last year, there a about twice as many of us registered as there were last year too. The Orange dot is me, and the yellow dots are us. There are actually more of us than that, but not everyone has the exact same clan tag. It’s not important, but if you can I’d suggest everyone change their clan tag to ‘Tek Syndicate’ (no quotations), then we’ll all show up under the same color.

[Original Post]
Yea, so this post is MEGA EARLY, but it’s never too soon to start planning!. 1st let me just thank everyone again for coming out to QuakeCon 2015. I’ve always wanted to attend the BYOC and you guys gave me the perfect chance to do so. I wouldn’t have wanted it an other way. You guys are great!

Dates for QuakeCon 2016 are August 4th - 7th, but registration dates have not been released yet. However you can bet your ass I will be updating this post as soon as they are. In fact this post will be updated frequently as new information is available regarding QuakeCon 2016, so don’t expect this specific post to stay as is.

As risk of repeating myself (because I know a lot of you already know this) I work within walking distance of i.d.'s offices here in Dallas (Richardson TX actually). @DeusQain has kicked around the idea of going even bigger next year. Not that I think we’ll have to, but if necessary I could stop in and try and reserve a nice large area just for Tek Syndicate Members. We’ll see how that goes or even if it’s possible. But the proper place to go would probably be this page…

@Logan I know you guys are super busy. Just say the word and I’ll do what ever it takes to get this handled (except pay a gazillion dollars for everyone)


The banner from last year is still in perfect condition and can be re used in 2016. I’ll just cover the “2015” with “2016” and it will look good as new. It was a bit of trial and error getting the frame built but now that we’ve done it once next time will be super easy. However If anyone wants to bring some rope lights or LED strips to line the frame then please do! Just keep in mind we don’t wanna go over board and the banner isn’t the primary focus, we’re just there to hang out and play some Quake! (And other games! duh!)


[Added 10-12-15]
As you can see in this link, the Hilton Anatole will be adding a waterpark that is supposed to be done by Quakecon 2016, soooooo bring your swim trunks I guess!

Hope we can make next year even more fun than this year, and that’s one tall fucking order!!! See you at QuakeCon 2016!!!


Quakecon 2017 - L1 Techs Group - IT'S HAPPENING!

Hey @imaximus should I put my "enhanced banner" idea in here?

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Sure if you want! Just keep in mind what I said earlier about not going over board. The banner is a great way to attract Tek Syndicate members/fans and really nice to have (Makes it really easy to find our table too! LOL), but isn't nearly as important as reserving a nice space for all of us.

As soon as the dates are announced, we'll need to try and get a head count of who is coming next year so we can reserve enough spots. After that's done then we can kick around all kinds of ideas for our area.

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Reposted from our post-QuakeCon PM's.

OK, research complete (for now). Looks like ABS pipe is actually the best candidate because it's a lot more rigid than PVC since PVC is actually specifically designed to be a flexible pipe. It's also about the same price as PVC. But after having done some rough 3D sketches in Max I'm actually thinking the 1-1/2 in diameter isn't too bad. The fact that it's black is always good since some of those fittings might be a little hard to wrap in carbon fiber wrap (I've never wrapped anything so I'm just guessing really). But at any rate here's what's been locked in my brain the last day.

Main concept:
(Banner texture is from our very own @imaximus as we already know) :)

The overall width would be adjusted to the width of the banner.

Eye hooks combined with zip ties would make sure the banner is always pulled relatively taught and help prevent any sagging and sliding.

Modeling the LED strips is where I changed my mind about being reluctant to using larger diameter pipe because I personally think dual strips would be epic. Qain (or possibly someone else) mentioned UV lighting for the banner and I'm on board with that idea. I'm currently trying to find a color changing strip that includes UV as one of the colors, not sure if that's possible though. Maybe quad strips would be in order, two types for each side, and have a switch toggle between the two color options. Just thoughts really.

I know the OP factor is high but considering the setting for this thing, I think OP is appropriate. Opinions? Suggestions?





Man why does a year take so LONG to pass? 'Scuse me while I bang my head on my desk and get strange looks from my co-workers.



Calendar marked. See you all next year!



WOO! I'm surprised they've already announced next year's dates!



It's on... and we might have something to tide everyone over too.





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I am a tentative. Spent a day there last time. Will definitely try to BYOC next time.



I am so there gonna start saving money now for it.This is gonna be epic going to this con next year and see how it really is in person and not just watching it on youtube and being like i wish i was there

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I'll be there again! Must remember more mouse pads for @Logan and @DeusQain, it's harder to kill them without mine :)



Are you bringing your small giant case again?



If I drive yes!



I would like to say, I am coming back to QuakeCon in 2016!



This time ... the game will have changed.



I really need to get better at quake, I am so bad lol.



More like UT3 killstreak voiceover. ;)