Quake Champions Megathread

Anyone else play this game?

use this thread to post thoughts, info, news etc.

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My brother built his computer and got a free QC code through AMD.

I just got this game earlier this month and I like the movement and loot box system more than Overwatch.

This is just a list of overall impressions I have so far as a first time player of arena based shooters.

The movement

I have only played 2 other online fps (Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch) compared to those games the movement in QC feels a lot better then the other games. The other games feel slow in comparison to this one.

I like how they don’t limit weapons to only one champion, i.e I can use a fast character with a sniper or have a tanky character with a sniper rifle.

So far I have been playing a lot of Nyx and Doom Slayer, I have been picking up Keel when going against more tanky comps.

Bethesda Launcher
It’s ok as a launcher, but I don’t like how I need another seperate launcher just to play a single game. I kinda wish they would use the steam launcher.

I am running QC at 1080p with a r9 Fury X, the game can really use some optimizations.

At ultra settings I am hitting 80-90 fps.
At high settings I am hitting 90-100 fps
At a mix of high and medium I am hitting 100-112 fps
At low the framerate stabilizes at 112.

I can see why people got into the original and subsequent versions of Quake.

Bought it during Quakecon, at quakecon. Got a refund. I need my classless arena shooters to stay classless. I understand that it says “champions” so the characters have their pros and cons but I am sticking with Quake Live.


I only played the beta, thought it felt a lot like Q3A, didn’t buy the game but did get a free one via AMD for some reason of which I am not sure.

I haven’t played it yet, although I suppose I should at some point and see what changed from the beta.

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I did actually register something on the bethesda site from AMD and now technically have QC but I’m just not interested in learning special moves and shit. Honestly, the most fun I had with multiplayer shooters was UT2004 and QIIIA on small LAN party events. And that was 15 years ago.

Also I’m not installing windows for that.


update went out

Premium Weapon Shaders added in Reliquaries only

Is that the kind of shit I think it is?


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Quake champions is to quake what CSGO is to Counter Strike in general. Its nice that its popular, but its so watered down is pretty meh. I’m waiting for more maps. At least more than campgrounds and black cathedral.

If rapha likes it it can’t be THAT bad, but no aerowalk / blood run, no Aremis.

Is it because it is not in the map pool?

I haven’t touched the game since 2016 DEC tbh. I just want the old maps and for the autohop to be turned off.

What’s auto hop?

Hold down space and it jumps for you.

it still there, tho I don’t really see much application of it

I know its there its annoying as fuck. Go look up quake jumping.

Toxikk actually does a better job at being quake than quake champions imo.


I had hopes for toxikk but after being “ra ra” about not having free to play when it launched and now has free to play it leaves a sour taste

Yeah, worst part is you try to get your friends to play free to play, and you don’t have access to the server list in free to play, so to play with your friends you have to get in a game and message them saying to join me.

Only arena shooter on market I like anymore is CS, and CSS at that not even GO. I hope that private servers will be able to have a “Classic” quake mode.

Also not an arena shooter.