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Just a brief look at something I'm doing to the interior of the new car.


I know there are usually a lot of aftermarket trim parts for cars on Ebay, I saw all kinds of carbon fiber dash trim for my 4Runner. Might be another place to look if you can't find a junker or someone that can make the dash pieces for you.

Awesome car Sir! I test drove one but I am too big (6'-5) to fit. As for your issue my thought is to seek the help of a custom car shop that does wild 'Pimp My Ride' sub-woofer installs and the like. They probably have the experience to custom mold some fiberglass or carbon fiber. I couldn't find much to help you specifically.

As usual, the answer is to go to the forums. I am sure you can find a RX-8 enthusiast group that will have the answers you seek. I would start with the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America).

Happy Motoring!

I dont suppose the car manufacturer has part specification/drawings that can be used to mold new parts..

This guy has some good information.

I prefer the idea of using a more powerful machine but this is totally cool.


do you know what model RX8 came with the LCD DASH? All the ones I've seen have the "Double Din Fascia" LCD stereo instead. Was this for a Euro/Jap version?

2004-2008 Models had the LCD fold up Dashboard. I have the stock screen from a 2007. Can modify the screen easy. It's the dash plastic that I need to swap out. meh. All good info though.

How about a Fiberglass kit, and mold your own... If you can't find the Dash kit for it, It's not a bad Idea to check that out. Plastic Fabs like CTL Packaging who work with Injection Molded Plastics here in NC don't typically do custom work, If they did, "One Off" pieces wouldn't justify the cost/production.

I say look for Fiber Glass Kit, Injection Molded Plastic fabs and the like...

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Maybe you could place the screen where the cd player is. If you gutted only that area you wouldn't have to find more parts or do any extra fab work. It seems like you would have enough room. If not, you could secure some of the hardware in the dash, under a seat, or in the trunk.

The Double Din Fascia kit is sold on Ebay etc, He could do that, but the allure of the project (and security) would be to mount it on the top and motorize it back flush with the dash. It's very possible and surely a custom car team can pull it off.

There will be a screen in that area as well. It will have two screens in the center dash.

;-; I want a silvia. Great to drift and mod!

Did some more digging, Might make the dash components out of Kevlar.


carbon- kevlar??

Trust me, the thought had crossed my mind.

Tons of salvage yards around here. I use this place because it's close to my house


Also, I can help make some small parts on my 3 axis CNC if needed. Might be more limited in design but the offer is open

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That's what I need.

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Cool project, cant wait to see more of it.