Qain is streaming now..Thursday, October 15, 2015 (EDT)

Here is the Twitch..

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maybe an idea, to keep it at one thread.
everytime he goes streaming, you could edit the topic.

still brainstorming about a better solution for this.
Maybe adding a live event category somewhere.

Maybe some kind of life ticker on the top of the page? That could also inform of other live activities of the gang.


I'll do that next time..

I agree. This would be a nice feature. I wonder if discourse has something that could be adapted to fill this functionality.

Yeah that might be cool..

Tell @Logan or @wendell to put it in the News feed to the main page?

I very rarely even look at the main page..

You know you guys could just follow him on twitch and get an email when he goes live...

Yeah I do..I just post here so some more people will know..

They should each have a little box that says "On Air" when they are steaming and "Off Air" when they are not. and if you click on it, it takes you to where they are streaming. you could put it above the NEWS section of the website.

That's a good idea...

But which stream they stream at multiple places at the same time, you know hitbox, twitch, youtube..

there has to be some sort of trigger that sends out the emails. So if you have a dummy account fallow each of their streaming platforms. you can test to see the subject of their email and depending on what it says, update the website accordingly

if it says " logan has gone live on hitbox" his box would say " on air" and if you clicked it you would be sent to his hitbox url

if it says " qain has gone live on twitch " his box would say "on air" and if you clicked it you would be sent to his twitch url

EDIT: not too sure how you would test for the end of the stream though... mabey send out a second email with a different header?

Sounds like the "On Air" button should have a drop down menu..That way you can decide where you want to watch it..I prefer hitbox over twitch..
I think this "On Air" button should be at the top of the forum page or something..

they could make that an option on your user profile. Just put a small combo box with a list of the different platforms and let you pick one.

Yeah but PGP doesn't stream to hitbox..So this "On Air" button with a drop down menu or something would be better..Also less time consuming to construct (i would think)..They could have this button in the corner by you profile name, or just throw it on the left corner of the header of the forum..

ok I understand what you mean. but we still have the issue of not knowing when they have finished streaming. We cant allow them to do it manually, that defeats the whole purpose of this feature in the first place.

The "On Air" button could disappear or there could be nothing in the drop down menu or is says no streams..

haha yes, that's the easy part, I meant how could we programmatically detect that they have ended their stream, so the on air off air buttons would work autonomously.