Qain is streaming now..Thursday, October 15, 2015 (EDT)

Shit I don't know..Science?Magic??

@wendell @Logan @DeusQain Any Thoughts? We seem to have stumped ourselves.

I am just dumb and don't know how a lot of computer's stuff works..Programmatically detect something, ok I assume they all stream through a server..So could you make something that notices when a port is being used??Then only use that port to stream??So it would turn on with use and off without it..

Can you use web based scripting to test for open ports on a machine? If even possible that would require their IP and Im not sure they would go for that... What happens when you end a stream? does it just... end? or is there some event that happens that we can take advantage of. maybe we could do something with RSS?

What happens when you end a stream? does it just... end? That is what normally happens when you end a stream..

Twitch has an API

We just need to install some code that uses it and has a list of people.

(LIGHT) BeerGamesBeer (Playing): < Some game name >
(people watching) #84235082435
(LIGHT) Pistol (Playing): < Some game name >
(people watching) #84235082435
(LIGHT) DeusQain (Playing): < Some game name >
(people watching) #84235082435
(LIGHT) PGP (Playing): < Some game name >
(people watching) #84235082435

Been thinking about this for a while.. it is just a matter of writing the code and implementing it.... which is basically where all the real work comes in.

Anyone have any ideas for WHERE to put this?

Pretty sure you would have to log in to your account on Twitch and then you install it from there by uploading it...but I am just guessing...

Not at all. Most of the stuff pulled from the API is public information. i.e. if a channel is currently streaming, what they are playing, and so forth.

On the front page, if you split the collumn where it has the console that displays the "Logging in...
Syncing Login...
Searching for Stuff
Attempting autologin @ discourse
Setting Cookie... :
move that so it takes up only half the space. and put the stream icons next to it in the space it leaves.

its in the picture below. that way you can split it two on top and two below and it looks symmetrical and pretty lol.

Would you also like to have a few lights at the top in the forum? near your login icon.. maybe to the left of the notification bubble?
Wonder how hard it would be to place it there.

Yes that would be another great place to put it. just because I have noticed there is no easy way to go from the forum back to the main site and, though i cant speak for most people, i spend more time on the forum then on the rest of the site.

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As for the Streaming on the main page info thing...I think a stock ticker would be good, but a static bar along the bottom or top or maybe a band separator in the middle.