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[Q] Most profitable prog language?


@zavar you probably edited my post there, Sheik is not a “bad” word like other words used by racists against minorities in the us of a. It is hard to write a joke before someone gets upset. So I ment it ironically, myself am trying to apply for “an” “arms” company.

He probably meant the news article about ai now being able to debug code.

I find your rudeness pretty funny because let I remind you that you started it. I suggest ending this discussion because both of us will have a bad ending.


Something tells me he’ll be fine, and you might learn the lesson of “picking your battles”


Yeah, it’s not, but I’d like to point out that Exxon isn’t a Saudi company, so the comment was a bit off the cuff.

Can everyone please try to not antagonise other users, and take a bit longer thinking before posting?


I got the gist of it.


I have a private thread here and It involves my research on this topic… Right now I am inviting only to experienced programmers and computer science people. But I’ll open to public in few months probably…


I apologize. I must’ve misread. Hitting a wall in my life as well right now, and I’m certainly not one that’s too social by any means. I have two friends that I communicate week by week. But anyway, were I you, I’d follow the advice of others here. Lots of them have really strong background and can provide much more insight then I could even hope to.


Social skills are also a plus unless you want to be a code jockey until you’re 65.



Just FYI, in Europe earning are done per year not month. You go for a job your asking what you’ll get a year.

Almost everyone on salary gets paid monthly, but earnings are calculated and advertised almost exclusively as yearly.

So 150k makes perfect sense to everyone in the industry.


Salaries are always measured by year afaik. You only deal with shorter timeframes when you’re working by wage or contract.

I apologize if this was already mentioned, but I believe that in the ideal computer science career track, coding is only the first phase. By your 30s/40s, you’d ideally be in some sort of management or software engineering role where you’re doing more big picture stuff and not actually typing out code.

This is why @AdminDev’s advice is good. What language you learn initially is largely inconsequential to your net earnings compared to your ability to network, earn the respect of your coworkers and stay focused.

All that said, maybe I’m missing the point and the question is only about short term earnings, in which case there are several resources online breaking down the difference in salary between different programmer positions.


I still wouldn’t put my eggs in one basket. It’s just too risky and imo a bad tactic.

Also I know Unity uses C#(I’m working on one right now lol), but the underlying code is still usually C++ for the actual game engine. I’ve never gotten around to using HTML5 for Android apps either, just Java and XML.

But anyways, my point still stands. I was just giving a few examples.


Well here in finland, from my knowledge, we talk about monthly. But lets end it here.

@oO.o Actually I would like to do more sys admin stuff because as a coder as mentioned: “I have a long learning curve” and that would come to my disadvantage almost directly, either I get fired first month or my social skills(local) which have been rated by swedish teachers to be very high could get me 2 months.

People who posted and aren’t already featured on are invited, this is my personal invitation to you. Please allow jscript and cookies, a nasty bitcoinminer is guaranteed :wink: I’m just joking okay? It is written by me, you can check it in the code.

@Zavar I respect that.


Certainly an option, but I did not refer to system administration anywhere. That is a different career path.

What do you like to do?


I said that I’m going that path as a hobby because it would be more a advantage to me than coding.

Hobby, computers are just a hobby for me.


admitting to linking to malware.

Probably not a good idea @Rex-Regum


Wendel-dono gon’ smash


Already did of that “s-h-e-i-k” word in context tried to format ironically


I mean, a sheik is like a lesser ruler in the middle-east right? I guess someone thought you were using the term derogatorily.


The word Sheik is used to describe the very wealthy people in the mid-east region.


Ahh, suspicions confirmed.