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[Q] Most profitable prog language?


This should have more emphasis.

You can sit here and debate, and contemplate, and devise the best way to make money doing anything. You know what actually makes money though? Doing instead of talking.

The sooner you start learning, the sooner you’re making money. Its as simple as that.

Its the same principle as investing for retirement. You might not start out with much early but it will grow to be more faster than if you put a lot in much later.


Fyi, it is still completely different to the european social standard.

@Dynamic_Gravity I don’t feel like the math adds up here because @sgtawesomesauce said 110K is poverty line, we have 800€/month as poverty line and those people do not work so minimum hourly earnings are 5€ (less common than 7-8) so you live in luxemburg or what, because I live in Finland and people don’t live that bad here.

@Adubs yes we could continue this talk but not on this thread. I’m studying right now to “Datanom” as the title is called. And we also have retirement income from the government.


Where I live the poverty line is $22K. He lives in one of the most expensive areas in the country.


I think the disconnect is that in the US, you have to pay for insurance yourself.


That’s true. I only take home about 3/4 of my income after taxes, and then more is taken out for required insurance and health care. I only net like half to 2/3 of what I make gross.


Well then the math kinda checks out. Because 10100€/month netto is pretty wealthy it drops down to a 5-6k at brutto and then you pay all ye cars n bills.


Yep. Adulthood sucks, sometimes.


POMO -> Pick one and move on. Works for an information security framework, programming language, girlfriend, YouTube channel, writing genre, Netflix series. It’s an amazing life philosophy.

You can make money as a WebDev, a Desktop dev, a mobile dev, an OS dev, an embedded dev, a child toy developer, etc.

I think the OP is suffering from a bit of analysis paralysis as well as lacking real work experience. That’s not a dig at the OP that’s just reality. My dream job today is nothing what I thought my dream job would be ten years ago. Because, as you work in different industries or different fields, you learn the reality of the situation. You can only work with what you got :man_shrugging:

The people that just dive in and refactor or change direction later get a lot further along than people that Hem and Haw about how to stay profitable in 10 years. Reassess where you’re at based on your goals. If you don’t like the direction you’re going, adjust slightly based on your goals, and get back to work.

I know a handful of languages, but i still get recruiters reaching out to me for jobs involving languages I do not know or I’ve not used in years. Why? Because my experience and career progression tells them that I can learn new things quickly and solve problems that their organization has. I also have a website that says that made with cheap HTML and a NodeJS server TOPKEK.

You’re stressing or pondering on a non-existent problem, imo. Statistically C and Go programmers get paid more in the U.S. but I’d argue you’ll have more opportunity as a JavaScript developer.


You’re completely missing the point he and I are trying to make. The most profitable language is the one you use to get you in the door as soon as possible. Experience and skill trump anything else. You get those from time so the sooner the better.


Way to Michel Scott. :wink:


Ohhh @Rex-Regum I’m in the US if it wasn’t clear. I’m familiar with European currency though I have done traveling to some areas in the EU and one if my best friends and mentor went to university at NewCastle University (IIRC) . We’d chat all the time about shit. BTW, he gives pretty much the same advice as what has been said, and he primarily works with ruby, coffee script, and go, and is one of the core developers for the payment system for petrol companies like Exxon.


Money is money

Euro is the currency, EUR used in countries included in the European union but some countries like the UK, former eu state, and Sweden use their own currency.


Lol chill man.


It’s a worth noting that I was referring to poverty line as 110k in parts of San Francisco, which is a major tech hub in the USA. It also happens to be the most expensive place to live in the USA.


If you are thinking in next 10 years then I think there will be meta programming languages. Most technicalities will be collapsed inside higher abstraction logics… It doesn’t mean there will not be any programming… Most programming today will exist but only be used by system level engineers. Also the paradigm of programming is shifting due to AI and deep learning. Intelligence in data is going to be next big thing in development and simulations…


Reminder - Economics is pertinent to the conversation, but please try to avoid any unnecessary political bashing (for lack of a better term).


Any reason why you believe this to be the case?

Devs are still needed to solve problems regardless due to how companies still love inhouse software, so I don’t think it will be moved to that high of a education barrier

I’m 24, I work in the industry. Can you use layman’s English please?


Machine Learning is what he means. Also, what I think he’s talking about is using a language similar to Pig (Hadoop) to get data out of your Machine Learning infrastructure. You write in one simple language and it compiles into a different language (Java in the case of pig) for fast prototyping and deployment.

While I do agree machine learning is important, there’s plenty of areas, the majority in fact, that aren’t "Machine Learning"able.


This is my research area… Let me think of the easiest way to explain… give me 5 minutes…

So before programming languages were lower in abstraction than today, it means you needed write code for lot of logics manually before where as today you can encapsulate a ton of things using plug n play approach… Programming has been moving into higher abstractions to a point we have low code and no code platforms…

However they are still pretty limited and in what they can do… But due to integration of intelligence, the languages will converge into logics. So imagine designing a system in drawings and it codes itself… This is the next step in the development…

So meta programming language is basically logic building… you will be able to design and develop apps and games literally by talking to a system… This all can be achieved with contextual and temporal memory in bots which gives rise to awareness of purpose… That is basically purpose built intelligent agents… I hope it makes sense…


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