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Psycho's personal psychosis

Since I don’t post in the lounge anymore for a variety of reasons, I decided to go for my own thread where I just throw stuff against the wall and and see what sticks. I don’t really look for anything more than just talking to the void.
Some times just writing down stiff or saying stuff helps you see things in different light.


So I have some cabbage left over from the other day and I have made some beans today, so maybe getting some ribs and mix everything up. I mean there is literally a meal I grew up on, that is leftover beans and cabbage mixed up together and going through the oven. The ribs will just help…

On the other side, don’t judge me, I have tried chicken wings for the first time a few days ago and I must say it’s much better than expected. So I’m thinking of making honey garlic wings after the ribs. Just gonna think about the garnish… I’m thinking of just a plain salary with lettuce and tomatoes…

What troubles me more than anything though is the fact I’m massively procrastinating. I have signed up for Devember and I really have not done any serious work on it. I have some ideas about stuff I wanna get in the game I’m making, but then I like to go in coding when I know what I’m doing and I still can’t see the system in my head, so I’m still going on about it in my head. But doing stuff in my head is not doing it in code so I still have nothing to show for all the thinking I’ve done… So I am not exhausted and have made no progress what so ever… Gorgeous…

See you in a few days with more useless thoughts from my damaged brain…


Dude ! Get over it :slight_smile:

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Wot? What have I done now?

You are welcome to the lounge anytime… So stop being pigheaded… :crazy_face:

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Coding is only parts of the work. Most work happens where you are already: in the brain.

Devember or coding a personal project isn’t about showing progress to someone else or having to justify why only 1 line of code was written so far. Coding or software projects in general can’t be measured in number of lines.

If you want to get something visible personally, start drawing your idea on paper. Split up your ideas into smaller junks and try implementing those individually, then merging them together.
It’s totally fine to rework certain sections again and again. For me it is like with any human language: learning by taking the longer at first, progressing into better paved roads down the way.


Yeah, I had enough lounging in my life…

Wasn’t that the entire point? Coding 1 hour a day for the month?

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In my job 90 percent of the time is spent in preparation. Then in the last ten percent you see stuff getting put on the wall. I would say that coding is like that.
PS; I put exterior siding on houses.

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What you lack Pete, is discipline.


173,5% agreed with that. I must say I am much better at it now than I was a couple years ago. I’m constantly trying to change that it it ain’t easy. I still have a lot of progress to make though…

And it isn’t always easy;

It was -15C and blowing wind gusts up to 40km/hour. We quit early…lol


Sunday cleaning coming up tomorrow. Much kitchen is a mess, so that needs work. If I don’t feel too lazy I may get a mop for the halway. I’ll do some vaccuming and stuff.

Then I think I’ll finally start doing some setup for the card game. If nothing else I think I can do the main menu, some concept animations and placeholder graphics.
I was thinking about each card having unique code in game that represents the functionality of each card, but then there will be those unique cards, that can’t fit any of the pre-made functionality I have categorised, so maybe the code won’t really 100% represent the functionality, but just partially give some info and then you have to check a database for specific values and features.

That is… beyond freezing cold. I feel bad now…

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Made some chicken wings today…
Salt, pepper, chili flakes, white whine… 45minutes in the oven covered with foil. Took them out. Wanted some colour on them so I put them back uncovered. 30min later they are still white and I’m almost late for work…
I spoke to my chef at work, she said 30min should be enough but I already boiled them covered so they’ll never become golden brown.
When I go home after work I’ll make a honey garlic soy sauce mix and glaze a few…


that’s some fart fuel right there

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Just a little bit.
To be fair, if you use fresh cabbage and not sauerkraut or whatever, then it’s fine. And if you cook the beans properly they don’t make you fart all that much, so it’s fine.
It’s fiiine, don’t worry about it…

Thinking of buying Computer Tycoon… Look both interesting and boring at the same time :joy:

How are you m8?

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Bored off my tits…
It’s dead season at work because of the entire virus thing so there is literally no clients. All I’m thinking about is food, videogames and what would I have for drink tonight.
Other than that - my shoulder hurts like hell cause I’m sleeping in an awkward position I guess… I’m trying to give it some rest, but I may have to see a doctor. The worst possible time with that Corona second wave…

But in general life have been pretty good to me and I don’t really have any huge issues I need to deal with…
How U doin?

Getting pumped for my 5950x to arrive. Probably in january. I ordered it and turns out it says estimated delivery date is january something something. Gonna try to pre order a 6800xt. Basically I am swapping everything down. My 3900x system became my 3950x system now with a 2080ti. My previous 2080ti system will become a 6800xt and 5950x. my 3900x will go into my sisters computer with the 5700xt.


Daaaaam, that’s a long waiting list…

I missed the discount window… Nogame for me then…