PSA: I would stop looking at computer monitors for best performance and look at TVs

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Greetings everyone,

I have been spending the last few weeks figuring what new monitor I should get, since it would be nice for a bigger screen and HDR. I liked the first gen 4k/ 144hz panels such as the Asus PG27UQ, but I wanted something larger than 27inches.

Long story short: I looked up OLED tvs since OLED hasn’t reached PCs too much yet. It seems that OLED tvs are far beyond anything PC gamers have for high end monitors, for about the same price (or lower) than the ‘King’ of gaming monitors: the PG27UQ.

The LG C9 OLED TVs do everything the Asus flagship can, but better, and at 55 inches.

The only compromises with the C9 are:
-120hz rather than 144hz (whooooo really cares?)
-55inches is a big big for a PC desk setup
-No Display port and have to wait for HDMI 2.1 graphics cards (or an adapter to come out).

LG c9 review:

Gamer/reviewer talking about the (sad) state of PC monitors:

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Are the “real” 120 Hz? Many TV’s interpolate those from 30 or 60 Hz.

The Problem with almost any TV is the smart and “make the picture nicer” stuff. Input lag from hell…


Yes this is a true 120hz display.
CAVEAT: people can only test 1080p and 144p 120hz because no output devices other than the new xbox uses HDMI 2.1 yet, however 4k 120 shouldn’t be an issue.

Input lag is measured between 6-13ms in the review video above.

The smallest one they sell is 55", far too large for me as a monitor, and as you noted they need HDMI 2.1 for VRR to work. I would be very interested in a 30" or 32" OLED.

I asked them about it and they said they only offer 55". I told them that LG would be wise to make a smaller panel and strip the Smart TV features out of it and sell it as a monitor. They said they forwarded that suggestion on to the powers that be, so we will see lol

As for HDMI 2.1 It isn’t really an issue. We will upgrade our graphics cards eventually and someone is working on making an adapter.

Also true 4:4:4 Chroma? Some TV’s i loked at where really bad for small text etc.


I can’t confirm.

I would assume so. It is labeled as native 10bit, and HDMI 2.1 doesn’t have any bandwidth limitations.


Its last years model (c8) is listed as 4:4:4

55" is way too big for a monitor.

I’d also be concerned about burn-in. I know the tech is better now than even just a few years ago, but with so many stationary UI elements I’m still concerned.

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Most reviewers say that most people shouldn’t be worried about it. As long as you take care of your monitor you will be fine.

However an interesting thing I found in my research is that it seems IPS monitors necrose which is waaaaayyyyy worse and you don’t have the luxury of taking preventative measures to stop it like you can with burn in. Here is an indepth burn in test showing OLED burn in, IPS necrosis, and VA panel resilience:

Go about halfway down the page to the sets of coloured photos of the screens, and the graphs of peak brightness just above them. The OLED burns in but has no vignetting. The IPS is just horrible, and the VA is ok, but has vignetting.

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I’d take vignetting or clouding over actually readable burned in text to be honest.

I’m waiting for Micro-Led. All the benefits of OLED without it’s downsides.

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True, but you can have zero burn in if you take care of the monitor. The vignetting and clouding are unavoidable. Reviews on burn in go into more detail.

Competitive players who make a career out of a single game will not want to get OLED monitors. Gamers who play a variety of games should have no problems.

That’s the point really. If you want to use it “recreationally”, there is nothing inherently wrong with a TV as a monitor. Many people have done so for years. You sacrifice a bit of latency and Color Accuracy for bigger size and (potentially, but only with OLED) lower price.

I wouldn’t want a 55" Monitor. I had 42" and that was to big. Now i’m at 27 and i’d say 32" is the absolute max i’d want.
If you’re into RPG’s and such, it can be a great experience though.

Wow, this thread is complete elitism… In the last few years monitor tech have been going further and further ahead to the point my 3 months old monitor feels obsolete now, because HDR and what not…
The state of PC monitor tech is fine… The sad thing is the consumer keeps buying the same garbage and doesn’t actually support quality. Nvidia sold a lot of Gsync garbage and ASUS is as you said the king, no matter they are just the brand on top of the plastic…
It’s stupid, yeah, but basically you can put an oled 120hz thing next to my IPS 75hz and 9 out of 10 people won’t be sure which one is better…


Well elitism for sure. Monitors used to be ahead of TVs in every way. Even display port was way ahead of the times. However it is pure cost/benefit - PC gamers are getting ripped off.

That’s a pretty narrow view. There’s much more that goes into a great display over Panel Tech, size and Refreshrate…

I find myself only needing an upgrade when reading websites
When playing a game not so much

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Yeah same here. However my old Asus VG278H (TN 120hz) is lacking a bit. I always wanted a bit better colour and such when I got it, but the tech wasn’t there at that time.

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Of course they are…
People keep buying “gaming” branded garbage instead of actually quality products… As I said before, there are a lot of improvements, but Johnny retard from apartment 17 knows Asus as a brand and buys them, no matter the AOC nex to it is better and half the price, but Asus is gaming…

Pretty much this. In that Rtings link you can start seeing burn in on the OLED on week 3/4, that’s pretty bad IMO. That IPS sucks, but I’m wondering what happened because it seemed to happen suddenly by the graphs. Maybe a chip died? The VA looks pretty much the same from start to finish. And VA comes in monitor sizes.

I will say I have extreme doubt about all this. I am having a chortle, though.

Keep it up!

The day I buy a T.V. over an 31337 G@m!nG M@$t4r R@c3 monitor is the day I’m probably full time on consoles. I’m writing code on my phone. Lmao.