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Project PenguinDomain


Hi there!

I am currently thinking of documenting my new side project to force my self to actually finishing something for once. Oh yes I have a about 8999 unfinished projects, that i started to on but never finished, some i didn’t even ever begin on.

What is PenguinDomain ?

I want to setup an environment totally based on Linux, nothing that hast been done before. But i still want to learn more about Linux and how it works.

I want to set up an environment just like you get with Windows server, just with Linux insted, that includes the catalog, DHCP, DNS, websites, file sharing and anything else i might think off.

I recon its not an "exiting" or extremely challenging project, but I dont want to overshoot and just let it slip. To start with I recon this project is an okey starting point. And as I progress i may add stuff, to make the project more challenging.


I am kinda new to Linux and don’t have a ton of experience running management in an Linux environment, it has always been isolated projects. So any feedback and help along the way would be greatly appreciated!


I have no clue if this is the right kind of forum/place to post projects like these, so please notify me if this inst the correct place to post porjects like these so i can move/delete it.



So, you primarily want to run a server with the following services:

  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • Web - HTTP
  • File Sharing - SMB/NFS/WebDAV
  • Catalog - not sure what you mean here, if you mean something to manage contact information, probably LDAP and CardDAV is what you are looking for.

Is this just to get some experience with the above services, or are you planning on making some kind of unified CLI or GUI interface to manage it?



The plan is not set in stone yet, I will how ever look into making some kind of centralized management for it. How I will do this, I have not yet figured out. But I highly doubt I am the only one how have thought about doing something like this. It would be fun to make a CLI/gui based management, but as for now I am working on the system design.

Hopefully this will be a fully fledged project where I expand my limited knowledge and are able to make a solution that work with different workloads, I later intent to implement the system in my own environment. I want to move away from Windows permanently.



Sounds like you might end up having some overlap with @perkelator’s home server and @redgek’s de-googlifying thread.

We should probably have a “homeserver” tag for this kind of thing so everyone can easily find each other. Looks like we do have one: #homeserver

#home_lab also exists and has some overlap



Cool! I will defiantly check them out and see what they are up to! I migth get some ideas for my own project :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me know about these!



How goes it?