Post your Neoflex (Neofetch) here

Idk… I hope manjaro works for you, because for me it only gave me headaches. I despise it.


thanks for the heads up

been looking for a non-cringe centos replacement


No problem

If you care about PCI DSS you might want to go with ALMA linux

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Not atm just 27001

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Its all good. Manjaro was just used to test to make sure everything in my system hardware works.

It was quick and easy.

Now i installed Archlabs today with a bspwm window manager. Now just configuring it

I’d still go Alma for that.

small rant

I’m actually quite impressed on how well CentOS / RHEL / Oracle Enterprise Linux / Alma / Rocky / Scientific Linux (RIP) / Springdale can migrate between each other, with just a single script that replaces the repos and optionally reinstalls the packages on user choice, with the ones from the current repo. One reboot after and you are running a different distro.

I used that a few years ago to migrate from CentOS 8 to Oracle Linux, when there were no real alternatives and I didn’t know of Springdale. Try doing that between Ubuntu, Pop!_OS and Linux Mint! Arch-based distros might be easier, because they are mostly just Arch with a GUI (except some base changes, like Artix and Obarun).

Again, glad it works for you.

Home storage server + workstation for the last few years.


resurrected my old server

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Work laptop upgrade from layoff leftovers