Post your DIY projects

Hi guys.

I thought we might need a collective thread dedicated to DIY project of all sorts. And so, I made one.


I will go first.

Here is a little thing I’ve used the last days spare time on:

It’s a hybrid pre-amplifier, made from spare components I had on hand.
It uses an old Netgear switch chassis as the enclosure, an JC-2 clone board as the pre-amp, a servo motor at the potentiometer control and ws2812b LED strip as a volume indication.
Everything is controlled by a Wemos D1 Mini ESP8266 module. So it could be programmed to be controlled via WiFi too.

I love repurpose old hardware chassis etc. into audio equipment.

Little update:

The JC-2 was faulty and started having noise on one of the channels. So I had to improvise a revision.
This is the new set:

This is a pre-amplifier based on op-amps. In this case I use an OP275 “chip”.
You really can’t beat these op-amps when it come to price vs functionality.


Ohhhhhhhh I actually have something that I can post here.

This is both sides mirroring

This is both sides with different colors and effect settings.

I had one more video but it’s to long to upload. It was the same eff3cts on both sides but with different colors.

Anyway what is it? It’s actually my Christmas gifts for all the nieces and nephews of mine or my wife. And then my sister wanted one which is the one is the one in the video.

The cloud sides, base, and letters are all 3D printed. The base is a wood filament while the rest is all pla. I used WS2813 leds. So they are 5V and have a back up data line which is important because the center of the cloud is filled with epoxy. I designed a small custom PCB. Here is that

The led wiring is terminated with ferrule connectors and put into terminal blocks. Same with the power leads. The 3 pin jumper is what controls wether the leds are all one output or two. Of two then you can control each side independently. The controller is a esp8266 nodemcu running WLED.

In total I made 21 of these things.

Links to the videos on YouTube

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What format is that video my dude? I can’t get any of them to play!


So I’m working on building a remote for the Level1 KVM. I’ve got about 1/3 of the CAD done, and I just got the electronic components today, so I’m breadboarding the pi picos right now.


Came off my iPhone so I assume mp4

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:man_shrugging: oh well

Oh, it’s MOV… damn quicktime.


Awww…I’m sorry. I should probably upload them to YouTube first and then link back to them


I can’t play them either.

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Can’t you just convert them using Handbrake or something?

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Yes I could, if I was at home. I’m a truck driver and currently still out on a run. I edited the post above to include YouTube links since I can upload to there from mobile.

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That or imgur or something might be good. This is the first I’ve seen these codec issues in a while.

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I found this fancy modern looking Christmas tree on, and thought I could modify it and print it in clear PLA to make it look like ice. So I remove removes most of the bottom in the stl-file and printed it in vase/spiral mode.
The light is just some cheap fake-candle stuff from the hardware store.
It works very well for the price and easy of project, I think.

It’s a good little gift idea.

My stl-files:
Julertæ.stl (1.8 MB)
Julertæ 4 - Lysholder .stl (122.7 KB)


Those look way awesome! I might have to hurry and print some of those for my mother in law to put around her house for when we all come out for Christmas


Hey. If it’s still relevant, I have added a my 38mm diameter candle mount for the Christmas tree. I don’t know if any of your lights can fit within it? Maybe you can modify the file if you feel like it.

i used WS2813 strips so i would have to make some kind of cylindrical holder. not impossible but not something ill likely get done in the time frame. maybe i will take the time over the next year and do them. plus model another custom pcb. also will need to get me some clear PLA. best i could do is white

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Probably worth a more detailed thread for this; I’ll open something up shortly.

Today I printed this to hold cable modem. Isp replaced it month or so ago and the previous 2 had slots for screws to wall mount. This one didn’t. So spent some time modeling a wall mount for it


Nice work!

I really can’t get over the aesthetic of this new print bed.

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