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Post your CPU overclocks!


i5-4690k @ 4.4 GHz. Vanilla clock is 3.5 GHz. Stability tested for around 14 hours.

I worked with 4.5 GHz for a few days but I couldn’t get it to stay stable, but 4.4 was the sweet spot.



Oh jeez… a random Unity game with no frame rate cap blue screened my system. Changed LLC to 30% on everything to compensate.

Edit: I literally hate my life. 1866 will NEVER be stable on this weak ass Xeon IMC. Dropping back down to 1600 but tightening timings.



i7 7820x @ 4.9 Ghz ( 1.32volts )

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Threadripper 2990WX - Enermax 360 II TR4 - Liquid metal - 6 ea. Noctua F12 3000 rpm fans in push / pull.
MSI MEG X399 Creation motherboard.

4.0GHz - 1.325V - LLC5 - CPU throttles in Aida64 & Prime95 - No CPU throttling in Blender. CB15 score 6301.
4.1GHz - 1,4V - LLC4 - CPU throttles in Aida64, Prime95 & Blender. CB15 Score 6430.

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Ryzen 5 1400 4.1ghz @ 1.35v is the best I could get that was stable on prime 95.

Could boot into windows at 4.2 and run the cpuz benchmark, but it was not stable in prime 95 going up to 1.45 from which I stopped going higher.

Lower stable frequencies on this chip are 4.0 @ 1.26 and 3.8 @ 1.1 but I didn’t dial these in very well or test them more than a minute or two in p95. I’m running stock 3.2 anyway daily, just tried messing with it for fun. Could boot into windows up to 4.3 but throwing any significant load crashed it. Anything higher than 4.3 would hang on boot. Of course, not going past 1.45 there as well, so that’s more to be expected. Cooled with a scythe shuriken cooler, which could actually handle the chip OCed just fine… goes to show how light on power the baby 4 core ryzen chips are, especially with how fast they are.

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Ryzen 1800X at 4.125GHz. Getting as much as I can out of it, riding the very edge of stability. This is under water



I had some fun with one of our TR workstations in work over Christmas.

4.19 all core on air 1.45v ram is only some 2666 generic crap

hope to break 3500 with my 2950x at home :slight_smile: will leave it with just PBO for 247 tho



Nothing spectacular in the grand scheme but a good example of XFR/PBO doing its magic on a x470 Taichi and 2700x,

Ended up with the following:

Left BCLK at 100
Enabled PBO
vcore offest -0.08750
Tune ram via Ryzen calculator, fast settings.
DRAM 3.365

All core under load 4175
PBO boosting to 4350
idle 2200



3770k @ 4.7 ghz @ 1.3V
went fine for a while but now starting to chug in games… FeelsBadMan

Used LinX and confirmed stable after 5 passes.

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My 4790k can no longer stay stable with any OC past the standard boost clock of 4.4, I think its time to delid… and if it gets screwed up in the process, I guess i’ll have a reason to upgrade :smiling_imp: heh heh heh.

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AMD Ryzen 7 1700
104.2 (BCLK)
Vcore: 1.40 V
Vram: 1.45 V
@ 39 * 104.2=4064 MHz (CPU, all 8 cores, watercooled)
@ 36.66 * 104.2=3819 MT/s (RAM, single rank, dual channel 2 * 8 GB)

stressapptest -W -s 3600 (PASS)

mprime -t (PASS)

dmidecode --type memory
G.Skill F4-3600C19-8GVRB (1.35 V)
Rank: 1
Configured Clock Speed: 3666 MT/s (this is estimated by dmidecode, but actually its 36.66 * 104.2=3819 MT/s)

Ubuntu 18.04.02 (kernel 5.1)

Note: above specs are production stable oc settings 24/7. My build will boot up to Linux/Windows (office, browsing etc) up to @ 4.2 GHz (CPU), Vcore 1.45V, Vram 1.5V, 3933 MT/s (RAM) but will not be stable under stress tests and heavy RAM loads.



got to 5.1Ghz on my 8700k with a 100mV offset. got to 5.0 at 20mV, right now testing 5.0 at 10mV offset. Seems a little strange such a range of V from 5.0 to 5.1… would really love to keep it at 5.1, but HWMonitor is reading max of just over 1.4 with 100MV offset, and that is just too high to be safe imo.