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Post your CPU overclocks!


Lets keep this simple. Post your cpu model, clock speed, voltage, and what you used to stress your cpu.

My threadripper 1950x overclock

Ryzen 1800x 3.9ghz, 1.325v, AIDA64 stability test for 24hours.


Athlon 760K completely stock… The bastard doesn’t want to move even 100MHz…
Hopefully the 1600 I am getting next week will go to 3,8 no problem. But people seems to say 760K go to 4,5 no problem, and here I am, unable to movbve from stock clocks :disappointed_relieved:


Intel i5-4690K 3.5 stock, up to 4.5 GHz @1.27 V.

I have a custom stress test OCCT, + MSI Kombustor + Firefox with 10 tabs and videos + Photoshop with 10 big files open + 3D engineering CAD rendering a 3D model and Just Cause 3, all at the same time.


5960X with an NH-D15… underclocked to 2.9 for some reasons I’ll not go into. Compatibility stuff. Don’t worry about it.

I can, however, crank it to 4.3 on all cores with stability. Don’t remember voltage but IIRC it was around 1.32v at that speed.

I use prime95, usually.


ThreadRipper 1900X @ 4.075GHz with 1.26875V on Vcore and 1.1375V on SOC, Prime 95 and everyday work.
LLC at medium.
Noctua NH-U14S as CPU Cooler.
Max Temps: 82°C


I have a 740k for (my dads old comp) it doesn’t overclock at all.


4790k @ 4.7GHz using a Corsair H110.
Stock voltage. Multiplier only overclock.
Tested with memtest86+
Aida 64
Intel testing tool (forget exact name)
and real world testing

It was almost stable at 4.8, but I decided 4.7 is enough.
I might go lidless and try for 5GHz someday.


Xeon E5-1660 at 4.6Ghz using a Cryorig A80 (It has an active VRM fan on the pump!)

Memory is at DDR3-1866 using the G.Skill Ripjaw X’s XMP profile of 10-11-10-30-2T.

This is on a Gigabyte X79S-UP5-WIFI.

I use Non AVX Prime first, then AVX Prime, then the game Subnautica to test medium loads.


Athlon x4 860k.
Stock 3.7
OC 4.2
Cooling with 212 evo
Using easytune 6


Ryzen 1700X @ 3.95Ghz on custom loop (was on Corsair H100iV2 before that) running 1.375v with LLC at 4 (second highest) to combat droop.

Tested stability with AIDA64 for… a few hours? I don’t have the patience to test for 24 hours with a single tool, also tried the ASUS RealBench, CPU-Z, Prime95 once or twice, etc. My best test is loading up SolidWorks with HSMWorks or Fusion 360 and picking a CAD model with 20+ cnc toolpaths and recalculate them all. If the CPU is unstable, it WILL crash (and has, but not at current settings).


ThreadRipper 1950X @ 4.100GHz with 1.3275V on Vcore , Prime 95 .
LLC at 1 (high).
Phanteks waterblock c399a in a custom loop
Max Temps: 61°C


Intel 2600k @ 4.7Ghz and 1.4V. LinX for stress test

I had it at 4.8Ghz stable for awhile, but the voltage was a little higher than i was comfortable with if I was going to use the CPU for a long time.


Intel 5820k @4.09Ghz with stock voltage and Prime 95 for 30 minutes
Intel 4690k @4.17Ghz with stock voltage


My 5820k can make it to 4.0ghz on stock voltage, but even when I up my voltage it cant reach anything higher than 4.0ghz. I had the shit lottery on that one. Most people say 5820k can easily reach 4.5ghz, but I couldn’t get to that.


4790k 4.6Ghz @1.25 volt , cooled with h100i
Tested with realbench ,Ycruncher ,gpupi , cinebencht and so on


5930K, currently running stock speed.
It does manage 4.5GHZ with 1.22V on air, runs about 70°C with a Dark Rock Pro 3.

It’ll do 4.6GHz too at 1.3V, but then I’m pushing 90°C and I’m just not comfortable with the temps anymore.

For testing, I did repeated Cinebench runs and [email protected]


1950X Threadripper, I have never pushed to limit as I balance performance gain to real world benefit.

3.9 at 1.243v llc 3
Bykski waterblock custom loop
Max temp 51c

but considering going back to 3.8 at 1.2375


The A10 7860K in an mini-ITX build won’t OC neither, won’t even let me OC the RAM even though the motherboard should support OCing, I mean I overclocked the living hell out of an A4 5300B’s iGPU.


I have a huge 8phase board with all kinds of sh… And the little bastard don’t want to budge.
Fun fact - undervolting it is absolutely fine and keeps it cool and rock solid.
If it doesn’t go up, let’s go down…