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Post your CPU overclocks!


4790k with an L9i cooler, 4.2ghz @ 1.05V, hour of prime95 testing.


Ryzen 5 1600, 3.9GHz 1.344 V, Memory @ 2933MHz CL16 1.35V with 4 sticks, high intensity blender render workload for 36 hours



Good thing it cost just as much money to buy a GT 1030 or RX 550 as it does to buy a 8 GB stick of RAM. If I am upgrading that small build, may as well do that. (Yes, my iGPU in that build is very much starving for more bandwidth, I am running R7 graphics in single channel lol).

I missed when RAM was one of the cheap parts.


It really breaks my heart that the 4 stick RAM kit I bought about a year ago has doubled in price since


Yeah, ain’t giving those guys my money until they lower RAM prices back to where they were.


I actually had an 8 core build plan, because you can’t really get good Firestrike or Time Spy scores without at least those two. but that ram…


lolwhut. My 860k runs 4.2 at stock voltages 100% stable. Waiting for a better cooler before I push it further.


i heard the same thing and i mean for some reason mine did work @4.5ghz at one point off motherboard controlled oc but not manual


BCLK upped to 223
Gammax 400 cpu cooler
MB has a 1.515 vcore limit
Screenshot (358)


Only ever OC’d once.

AMD Phenom X4 955 BE
Base: 3.2 GHZ
Max OC: 3.85GHZ
Stable: 3.62


I5 4670K 4.5 Ghz at 1.25 volts. I had it running at 4.7 for a while. With some work, and if it has not degraded over the years, I may be able to get 4.8. Never really put the time in to attempt it.

For Haswell, I did pretty well in the silicon lottery.

Edit: Cpu is custom water cooled. Runs mid 60s under full load.


Ryzen 7 1700X
3.8GHz at 1.25V

All Running arch linux.
It can do 4.1 at ~1.4 but I just don’t want to go there or need it since I primarily want to keep the system as stable as possible.

BTW: This is a replacement chip I got as part of an RMA for segv problem. Basically gold bin.


ryzen5 1600x at 4Ghz 1.387v 3200mhz 18-18-18-37 ram.

tested with aida64 and prime95 3-4h each. also cinebench15 like 10 times in a row + couple ingame benchmarks. not patient enough for 24h tests xd

update: recently had to lower OC to 3.9ghz. problems occured when i turned pc off (had it run 3days during weekend). so i came back from work after 12h turned it on and it just restarted 4-5 times showing oc failed screen. it seems to work fine when pc is ‘warmed up’.

never had this problem before any idea what caused this? does this mean it wasnt ‘stable’ i just didnt test it for enough time?




After thoughts?


This is what windows shows me.
Look at the speed!

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This should of been done so long ago since it is basically a poster child thread of this category.


1600x @ 4Ghz, ram 2400Mhz @ 2666. used to be 3,9 and 2400 but last BIOS update really did the trick.
Havent run the 24 hour burn in tests though just did like 3-4 cinebench and voila it worked.
no ram timings, nor voltage regulations


So bad news, looks like before with 30% LLC on VTT and IMC on my X79 system and 1.27V for both, it passed 2 hours AVX Prime, but with 120% LLC on both, which I did because I am paranoid about degradation, it became wildly unstable, till I pumped the VTT and IMC Voltages about half a volt to 1.35V on 120% LLC on my Gigabyte board.

I think I fried it again. This is my 3rd CPU. I hate my life.

Edit: Yup. I fried it. AVX was stable at 1.445V Vcore, now it needs 1.475 Vcore, with 1.325V VTT at 80% Gigabyte Mobo LLC and 1.33V System Agent/IMC at 80% Gigabyte Mobo LLC. Stock will never be stable again. I also have 1.98V PLL just cause I wanted so desperately to get it stable. It’s stable now, but will never be stable at stock ever again… and this is the 3rd CPU this has happened to.


Intel Core i7-5775c @ 3900 MHz core, 3900 MHz cache, 1866 MHz IMC (1.255v core and 1.5v DDR3)

Intel Pentium G3258 @ 4200 MHz core, 4200 MHz cache, 1600 MHz IMC (1.225v core and 1.35v DDR3L)

I might replace the Pentium dual core with the i5-4670S from my Linux box, but Intel and DDR4 manufacturers need to be more realistic with pricing.