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Post your battle stations!



I always loved the design of the sapphire cards :stuck_out_tongue:


Another update.


AyyyBBB XD u wnt dat powermak?


Ye s’ pweety y’aint havin’ it.



Done for now. But I still need a STRIX GTX 1080 11Gbps for Cats per second and KVM GPU Passthrough.

That’s actually a GTX 1060 with Noctua fans zip tied on. Motherboard is a Gigabyte X79S-UP5-WIFI and the processor is a E5-1660 at 4.6Ghz. Memory is G.Skill Ripjaws X DDR3-1866 XMP RAM running at full speed.


Liked strictly for Rick and Morty in the background


Did you notice my GPU anti-sag device?


Nice! Totally missed that.


Update on my 2600k machine: it’s dead, Jim.


RIP in peace my work machine.


Save that DDR3! RAM prices are ridiculous right now and if you manage to score a X79 board and a E5-2670 for cheap, you can still use that RAM!


What part exactly has died?


Rest In Peace in peace


Something on the motherboard. Pretty sure it’s a cap, but I haven’t dug into it yet. I’m going to do so when I get more time this weekend, see if I can trace back and get it to boot again.

I do need a more reliable system to do my work on, so I’m going to use the Black Friday sales to see if I can get my hands on something good.

Yeah, problem? :smiley:


Photos are a little old now, my primary rig now has 4 monitors.

Monitor brackets and mounts are all custom fabricated (welding is fun).

For sound I am running a home designed and built true bi-amplified setup. Pre-amplifier splits up the audio at line levels, feeding four amplifiers, one for each physical driver in each of the two enclosures rendering a total of 200W RMS per speaker, or 400W RMS total (not including the sub). Low frequency are split off and sent to a small also custom designed sub. Cost of ~ $300AUD to engineer and build.

Thanks to KVM this PC never runs windows like this anymore :).


Can’t see here but over on the right is a rack containing all my server and networking equipment.


Where I do my electronics :slight_smile:
That horrid soldering station has been replaced with a proper Hakko and the wall is now filled with component draws.


Edit: Just found a photo with the extra monitor… was a free screen that someone was going to throw out… so figured id make a bracket and weld it on to the setup.

extra monitor


Is that DE i3?



Yes, running on Debian 9 :slight_smile:

Wait, No… thats windows :frowning: I now run i3wm.


@cloudplumber was responding to @biolinguist, but I am fairly certain he’s running some sort of tiling window manager. Too blurry to see the bar.


Were you multi-booting? What made you go from 10 to 7 (or did you go from 7 to 10? Don’t need an explanation if that’s the case lol).

How do you like i3wm on multiple monitors? Are you still on Stretch? It took me a second to figure out workspaces == different monitors on i3 but I’m in the zone now lol. Well, perfectly honest I’m back on Gnome, but that’s aside the point. i3wm on my laptop :sunglasses:

Was there something in particular that made you use Windows as a primary host to interface with Linux? A tool, games, etc.?

Sorry for my random, all over the place questions. Just curious. I recently converted my Windows boxes to Fedora (again) and I’m trying to find solutions to “Windows only” tools. So far, RDP’ing is working when I need it. Haven’t had an itch to play a game in a while. GPU passthrough has been hit or miss, with random blue screens and hard stops.



I stuck with 7 for as long as possible, windows 10 is utter junk with all it’s spyware. I was forced to move to 10 because I wanted to boot in KVM with PCI passthrough which doesn’t work on my righ without UEFI, which doesn’t work well with windows 7.

Works fine :slight_smile:, its what I have wanted for many years! :smiley:

Not sure what you’re asking here, stretch is the current stable. Debian 10 (Buster) is still in testing. So yeah, I am on Stretch.

Some proprietary software that required GPU acceleration, I can’t divulge what though I am sorry.

Sorry to hear that, I have solved all my windows needs with GPU pass through and the Looking Glass project.


I was curious to know if you had moved to Fedora, Arch, Gentoo, LFS, etc. Good to hear you’re still on Debian!

No worries about not being able to go into details. Thanks for sharing! It’s been years since I’ve done a full Linux conversion, and I’m happy I did it again this go around. Sorry your Windows 10 experience wasn’t a good one. Maybe on Windows Blue or Windows Next you’ll have better luck? :laughing: