Post your battle stations!

The electric company must love you.

Or maybe this guy.

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I like this a lot. I don’t know why.

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There she is… damn it’s a mess


How mine looks now


Needs more anime on the walls xD

Just getting a basic work area setup over the weekend. Messy but it works for now while I look for a larger desk. Right now I’m using a heavy 5’ table.

  • Ryzen R7 1700
  • 2x8GB G.Skill 2666 Ram
  • Sandisk Extreme 1TB SSD
  • Hitachi 2TB HD
  • Asrock x-370 Killer Sli/ac
  • MSI GTX 1060 6GB
  • Seasonic M12II EVO Edition SS-620GM2 620W
  • Phanteks P400S TG Black with white accents
  • 27" ASUS displays
  • Logitech G710
  • Logitech G602
  • klipsch promedia 2.1

They’re all over in the apart ^^

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Current setup (I stole my wife’s office while she was doing her internship… now it’s mine):


Just a small update on my rig…



Not 100% sure what I’m looking at.

I5 4690k
ECS Z97I-Drone ITX mobo
R9 380 4GB
Noctua Fans :wink: and U9S heatshink
120GB Kingston v300 SSD
2x 1TB WD Blue’s
16GB Patriot Viper 3 DDR3 ram
CoolerMaster G650M PSU

Wheel Setup
GT Omega wheel stand
Thrustmaster TX FFB wheel, TM28 Leather Rim, TH8A Shifter, T3PA Pro pedals

Ive posted on here before but it’s been a good year to 2 years…

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That’s a damn good system. I remember a friend of mine had a z87 ITX system that was similar. How are you liking the wheel? I’ve been thinking about getting one, but they’re a hell of an investment (well, relatively speaking)

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New case and CPU cooler.


I quiet like it, I started with a Thrustmaster TMX and its been quiet an investment no doubt but the hours spent in assetto corsa and Iracing where well worth it…

As for the TX, the standard “ferrari 458” rim is garbage and has horrible grip, I bought the TM28 leather within the first week and it feels amazing it feels like the leather rim from my starion just a lil smaller. The base is great and is butter smooth compared what I’ve used in the past. The T3PA Pro’s to me are meh there a great set but I used a pair of clubsport v2 at a friends recently and my heart is set on those, only buy the pro’s if the with in $10-$20 range of the standard T3PA, the shifter is amazing I have no faults with it shifts are solid with a bit of a longer throw than a modern shifter in a car if only it was bit easier to switch shift modes… The stand I’m having some complications with it holds everything well but its not as sturdy as I’d like. I’m sketching up some 8020 models in some CAD software to replace it.

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You should check out Synergy.

In case you want to use one keyboard/mouse for both rigs rather than having to constantly switch between two.


was slightly hesitant to give this a like… pc on floor cringes but at least it’s not carpet

Hey @TheDiddilyHorror, what case is that you have now?

I don’t like it either. Need to find a piece of wood to make a small platform I can put it on then. And I would never put a PC with the PSU facing down on a carpet. I’m not a monster.

@WolfTech716 Thats the NZXT H440 v2 matte black windowed.


@TheDiddilyHorror Lovely case I must say, matte black is the greatest!

I was a bit worried about dust, though. It shows more on black/dark colors. But since it’s matte I can just wipe it off with a cloth without worrying about scratches or smudges like on shiny surfaces.

Right-angled SATA ports on the mobo aren’t the best though for this case. The cable holes next to the motherboard tray are agled (not flat) and longer connectors can bend. Maybe my SATA cables are just too stiff.

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