Post your artwork (?)

Are there many visual artists who frequent Teksyndicate?

I've been getting into digital painting over the last year and I am always keen on seeing the work and interests of like minded individuals.

Would there be interest enough for a thread not killed in a week?



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I love second from the bottom, reminds me of fallout. Do you have links to more High Res copies of your work?

I havent done much art recently. This is my newest. Its very simple but I like it. 

Cheers, It was mostly done on a Microsoft Surface Pro on breaks at work and stuff. Not super neat at its max res.

High res here:

And there is more in my profiles gallery.

Nice pic, man! How do you go about it? I'm just always into new ways to develop designs and art.

Here is a technique I have been messing with for doing mechs.


Now I have more inspiring drawing music!

Nice art, man! glad to see some different media enter the thread.

I usually draw to the OST of Neo Tokyo or stuff by Lain Trzaska.

It's not digital but I drew Windhelm for a school project

I don't think it's that good but I got a 97% on it

Glad to hear. I'll have to check them out. Your art is very good.

Very cool Fallout picture. I'm playing New Vegas currently again.

This looks good, it reminds me of skyrim. You should ink it

I made this today for my band (A duo with a Finland friend)

Nothing wrong with traditional mediums. Digital is just a bit quicker and more flexible. 
Looks good. Keep it up. 


Never hesitate to mix mediums as well. Like adding pen or ink or even scanning it into a computer to work on it in photoshop or gimp.

Yes we just got these fancy inc pen things, I may use them for the next drawling I do.

So beautiful. Lots of good contrasting colors, and great style ;D

Nice got a gel some where?

Tried just posting an image, but I guess I fail so here's my Deviant art account if you guys don't mind.

Thanks man, New Vegas is a great game.

Hopefully this makes a good first post here at this forum :P Just a random Tek Syndicate wallpaper I made.


You'll wanna turn down your volume because the audio is really harsh, but here's a little something I created on the spot while hanging out at a small EDM show in the middle of nowhere...

It reacts to the microphone input on the laptop and is actually a much more complex scene than what you see, but the video only shows it with a kaleidoscope effect applied. Usually I would throw stuff like that up on projectors or other screens and then utilize the laptop screen to control more of the action, but I didn't have anything like that with me so I just set it up to run on its own.

By the way, I'm really impressed by the other work in this tread. I especially envy the drawing skills up in here. Drawing is something I admire, and I wish I'd get in the habit of drawing more myself.

Hopefully after seeing my crappy excuse for art, others will be more motivated to post their stuff, too!