Post What Books You Have

Post a picture of your collection of books.


Moving books sucks, and dead trees don’t get errata. My entire collection is digital now.


Got a few more in the walk in closet. But I told my wife I wouldn’t go in there :grin:

Where my well read plebs at?

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Some good ones in there, I use audible tho, but put most of them on goodreads, but havent updated for a bit

I have other books that arent for fun, but they arent really in there

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If proper time and attention is given, audiobooks have the same retention as physical books. I read that somewhere :wink:

Thanks for the link! Ugggh my Goodreads is so poorly managed. I’ve not touched it in years >_>

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I’m not well read. The only series of books I ever read was hatchet and its series by gary paulsen. I dont have the patience.

Technical manuals and wikis are the majority of my reading.

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Hey! I remember that. I think in Book III he was a survivalist teacher or something and his raft was struck by lightning.

LOL bro, learn your lesson after the second fucking plane crash. Stop going outside

yep and he canoed a guy in a coma to civilization.

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Good fucking times. When it was acceptable for a teenager to evolve into a man.

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image image
Are my favorite two series so far

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Hell yeah! BRB!

Have you ever played TAK, i have the physical set and use to play it alot on playtak

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Given your collection, I’m kind of surprised not to see The Wheel of Time in there.

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Its good for the first like 7 ish books then crap imo

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Rereading the series. Bought the hardcopy lol

On my night stand right now


The 10 anniversary of the book dropped a bit ago picked up that one so have 2 of the first one (The name of the wind)

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:thinking: Not sure about this…

That’s the one I need to invest into. I checked them out from the library a while ago. Never bought them. Christmas is usually a gift card dump in my family, though, so I’ll consider it :wink:

Tak is from the 2nd book, Patrick Rothfuss endoreced it and made a game out of it. Its like Chess and checkers together in complexity and simplicity at the same time.

Playtak is a website you can play a soft copy for free on
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Oh wow, I’ll definitely check it out!

Oh man, your Goodreads is great! Algorithms to Live By is good and I LOVED Magician. I only got to the part where the prince (can’t recall his name at the moment) went into The Abyss/Hell and killed that thing that cursed his wife/bride to be.

Shit was epic. I was so pissed when Pug was a servant and thought it was wasted potential. Then that demon/mage said “Who are you, to display such power in my presence?”


Got real after that lol.

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I would like to have that AWS book and what is that Diablo book?

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