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Post pictures of what you ate!



was it any kind of special meat? dry aged?


yeah, but you also have to factor in food cost and taxes. Also, it would be really hard to keep food costs within reason with the tiny portions you would have to buy because obviously he wouldn’t want the same thing 5 days in a row. Really you would probably need at least 3 or 4 people to hire you at $60 a day.


Well, for 60$ I can get myself ingredients and cook whatever I like. 1800$ a month should be quite enough to feed myself and him properly with different meals every day.
Also, he will come here and trust me, for 1800$ here you can eat whatever the hell you want, build a house and hire small cute Philippino boy to perform all stuff I’m too old or fat to perform…


Nothing special in particular, chopped chuck steak.


Pork curry with rice…
Because why the hell not…


Lunch salad thing… goat cheese, avocado, cucumber, homemade seitan… other stuff.


Cake layer… I tested to see if I can do it, added some citrus zest to it, also soaked the layer with orange fresh…
Man, the flavor this thing have…


Oh now you remind me of my birthdays when I was a kid and my mother would make 2 or 3 layers cake.

(Also what happened with your work in the restaurant? )


Didn’t take any photos of dinner but dessert was this excellent eclair.


We Bulgarians have learned the secret ways of living with small amount of money. 1800$ will be plenty even for New York if the place to live is covered.

@steinwerks what is the taste of seitan ? Nice éclair BTW.


This is exactly what I am planning to make. I just tested how will the thing work with some changes and damn, it’s good…

Left about a week ago. Will rest until Monday and then will start looking for a new job.

Not sure they realize I live with 500$ monthly and realistically I need 400. That includes rent and bills. For 1800$ a month blowjobs are available…


While you are resting try yourself at upwork you it is not a secure job replacement however you can work off hours and it’s somewhat rewarding. ( if you are not sure what you can do you can always choose to do data entry which in most cases is just copying a lot of info from one place to another. )


Well the seitan I made is sort of a spicy peppered flavor. Seitan is great because it can taste like almost anything, it’s all about what spices go in it and it’s really cheap to make.

And thanks! I didn’t make the eclair :wink:


So it’s something like tofu ? Interesting, never have I tried it but now I will put it in my list with things to try.


Sort of like tofu but it’s wheat gluten, so the texture is a lot different, tougher and more meat-like right off the bat. This was my first homemade seitan experiment but it probably cost like $3 to make nearly a pound and a half that this will be ongoing for sure.


Mushroom and zucchini orzotto with white cheese…


Steak; strip, accidentally cooked to about medium.
Salad; crispy water, carrot, cabbage, croutons, shredded cheedar, and 1k island dressing.
Fried Potatoes & Onions; “loaded” with bacon, shredded ghost pepper jack cheese, and sour cream.




Pork and potato stew and home made bread.
I tried to make it look like a sun with entwined sun rays… Well, it grew in size and it twisted it shape massively.


Those deserve to be eaten like a savage !
How is Sprite a good drink with those ? :smile:

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