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Post pictures of what you ate!



Swedish meatballs in brown sauce, mashed potates, fresh baked bread, onion soup, buttermilk, veggies and orange quark

Prolly gonna order a pizza when I get home :wink:


Chilli and garlic courgette and broccoli with egg.


We have something in my country, called Meat balls soup…
That is exactly what I wanted…


You can tell a soup is good if it has milk or cream in it!


Beef risotto


Mini schnitzels with Chinese vegetable mix and pasta with soy sauce, cause I was too lazy to boil rice and make Chinese style rice…

Just opened a brand new bottle of dark soy sauce. First time I am cooking with it. Hope it will not be too horrible.
PS: It colors well, but the flavor is lacking. Not bad, more like not present…


Can you find Tamari in your area? That’s my go-to type of soy sauce.


Probably. There have been quite the boom of asian and sushi cuisine localy as of the last couple years, so my guess is I could find it. I used this today:

It really didn’t flavor anything. The color is another issue entirely.


Beef street tacos, with cheddar cheese and Sriracha.


This is what a 60$ burger looks like, if I had one word to describe it; average.


It’s way below average. For that kind of money at least the presentation could have been nicer…

Anyways, I put a bunch of stuff in a clay pot, cooked them in an oven, and then cracked an egg on top…


Where was that $60 at??

The fries look blah. The bun looks like it should taste good, but the burger as a whole looks like they assembled it with the accuracy of a McDonald’s employee.


for 60$ a day I will be making you a burger for every time you want to eat. :smiley:


For 60$ a day I will be making him much more than a burger…


Radisson hotel in Oslo, didn’t have high hopes for it in the first place.






Turkey, cheese and egg sandwich.


Savor the moment.


I’m unemployed anyways and 60$ a days is much more I can earn locally… So yeah…
As Jim Sterling said in the latest Podquisition - I love the color of money and the taste of co… richness…