Possible nvme dying... not sure

I have an event 129 secnvme errors, I have so far had a string of them for 7~ minutes, and then another one about an hour later. apparently I had a few on the 4th, 6/29 had another large string of these had several in february, and then I had a string in october last year.

Im not sure if this is potentially failing nvme or if this is just some windows bs, any idea? I cant really imagine a solid state piece of hardware failing for nearing a year long period of time. I have a few of these errors also tied to sata, not really sure what to think.

Have you tried running some smart test?

as far as I can tell the drive is perfectly fine for smart… I have never seen this as a great indicator due to how little it catches.

I should also point out this is a samsung 960 evo, not sure if it matters entirely, mut it may

Since its a 960 evo, try and download Samsungs magician software. It can give you health status, tests etc. It’s probably the best software for an samsung ssd.

But since you mention the same errors happening on sata, it might not be the ssd.
Are you overclocking? Is it stable?
Or it might be windows. A reinstall might help, though it is a hassle to do.

there are I think 3 sata errors, about 100~ nvme ones
magician told me it was good, and looking at the smart, nothing really pops out as a problem.

im wondering if this is possibly more windows weirdness/eff up rather then hardware failing now.

I should point out, its clusters of the nvme one that make that many errors, as far as I can tell, about over the lat 9 months I had 3 clusters of eros and a few one offs in between.

A quick google found this: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-hardware/event-id-129-storahci-resetting-raidport0/7b30c512-6597-438b-80cb-22fb2f85d62e

It’s from 2015, but same error and on a Samsung ssd.

It’s hard to tell it it’s windows acting up, but to check, you could try and running the SFC tool:

If windows is fine, you could try a reformat and reinstall. But if that doesn’t help, it might be necessary to rma the ssd. Either way you’ll have to reinstall windows.

Did you clone the current install from an older ssd/hdd? Cause that could also be the problem.

this is a 7 install from I think 1 month after ryzen came out, because 7 does not natively support nvme, I installed on a fresh hdd installed all the drivers to get everything up and running, and cloned it to the nvme. the oldest of these events seems to be 10/18/2019

the ssd is well out of warranty at this point on writes alone and I believe also age. granted I wouldnt have an issue buying a replacement if it came to that,

So you’re running Windows 7 on ryzen, with an hdd to cloned ssd install, on an nvme ssd not natively supported by the os. And the ssd has written more TB than its rated for?

Any particular reason you’re not using W10?


Smart data itself isn’t a catch all but smart tests usually reveal issues.

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@Adubs is right. Try running some tests from samsung magician.

It can do Samsungs own short and long diagnostic scans, as well as smart short and long tests.

Try running all 4 and see if it shows any errors.

@Donk im ok im on 7 due to the nightmare that win 10 was at launch, and family’s problems there after.
It constantly reverting driver choices, boot looping, bluescreening, updating forcefully, along with effectively formatting drives because I used symbolic linking…

I want to go to 10, and likely have to soon, but so much bs from microsoft makes me not want to even try it on a system I use.

but the way I see ir right now

  1. if this is a windows problem, its not going to fix itself easily, probably have to go to 10
  2. if this is an nvme problem, I will have to get a new one, and its either buy 1hdd and 1 ssd and recreate magic with 7 install, or go to 10

also, on magician, just got the new version if it, and started it up, it wants to update firmware… you have no idea how iffy I am about that without a backup of the c drive.

as for the drives warranty, its I think nearing or over its 3 year warranty, and samsung I think only had a… ok old magician told me it was 450~ tb write, new one tells me 256… either one I think is over what the 500gb evo allowed for warranty.

oh, I forgot, it wont let me diagnostic scan the drive. apparently not compatible.

I should probably already have something like this but I don’t, is there any VERY easy backup software that I can use hopefully free so I can just make sure any files on the c drive I want backed up are backed up in a worst case scenerio?

On windows, in the command line:
Robocopy reference (Do not trust random commands from the internet)

robocopy "c:\ " <Destination> /b /e /log:<logfilename> /np

When updating a backup, ad /purge flag to remove directorys that no longer exist from the backup.

I just have a script with a bunch of robocopy <directory> <flags> for various directories I run to create my backups. Fire and forget every two weeks :man_shrugging:

while I trust this forum, I don’t want to use command line if its possible. on the c drive I currently have around 200gb of files that are just there for programs to either reference or are games that I dont need or want backup as they can be reacquired or will be re generated on a complete failure, I want as little windows or temp as possible.

is there anything thats not using command line I could use?

having recently RMA’d a small form factor server machine with NVME in it , getting the driver placed and having a second failure (inside a week) - I’d suggest trying the drive in a different machine to rule out the board.

command line really is the best for this sort of thing - you can turn on logging for it (as above), and it also won’t just crap out and die if it can’t copy one file. whereas drag/drop with explorer will.

maybe onedrive/google drive? put your important stuff in there and sync it. I think windows backup still exists as well? try typing “backup” into the start menu.

The main reason I don’t want command line is because I don’t understand it, and I can’t see that its working with pushes of buttons, I can’t easily look into the file structure of what i’m doing and the power command line tends to have means if I don’t know exactly what i’m doing I could mess up far more than I thought.

I have several hdds in my computer, the one I want to backup to is a more or less recently ok’ed for use 16tb (oked as in it lasted 3 months of use without crib deathing under game use) and while I could use cloud, I have kind of enough redundancy and the files are non critical that its hard to justify

more or less, my typing is bad enough, and my ability to self check is worse that I don’t trust myself with command line.

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I get it, but the GUI is not going to be reliable for this job using windows explorer. Like I said, see if windows backup still exists in windows 10. No one else started out knowing how to use the CLI either.

It’s easy to screw up with the GUI as well.

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Dude, it’s been 5 years since Windows 10 was released.
W10 pro aren’t doing any funny business on my pc with drivers or forcing updates and reboot whenever it want to.
I’ve set new features updates to delay 365 days.
Security & bug fixes are day 0, so they come when ever they’re released.

And as for downloading updates and applying them, you can change a single group policy, and then you have to go into setting/updates and click download and install to initialise the updates. Just remember to do it, or you know, no updates :slight_smile:

The only time W10 have been close to bricking, was because I was mucking about with stuff I should’t have messed with. It has never borked itself.

I can’t speak for symbolic linking, since I don’t do that myself.

Either way, I’d give W10 a go first. If it doesn’t work out for your use case, you can always do the HDD to new nvme with W7 again, but you’re fighting a losing battle with W7.

I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. I’ve updated the firmware on both my samsung nvme ssd’s a couple of times, and nothing happened, except they now have the newest firmware :slight_smile:
But yes, always have a backup of your data.

A quick google search says 3 years/200 TB written for the 500 GB model. So you’re over warranty on writes.

It might have been a new feature for 970 series.

Hmm, you could give EaseUS Todo BackUp Free a go. I have the home user edition (paid). It’s very user friendly.

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