Possible cpu overclock temp concern?

i overclocked my ryzen 5 2600 to 4.1ghz and 1.375v i ran cinebench r20 and the peak temp was 73c is that good? the cooler im using is a corsair h100i rgb pro. motherboard is a tomahawk b450. also the idle temp is fluctuating from around 34c to 40 or 42c.

tjmax is like 95c? @SoulFallen what kinda temps are average for this chip

Honestly I have no idea if its any good but your plenty safe at that temp

it held up with cinebench r20.

If you want the real stress test use prime95

how about aida 64 stress test?

My understanding is aida 64 is good but not quite as stressing as prime, but to be fair prime isnt a very realistic workload.

also the idle temp is fluctuating from around 34c to 40 or 45c.

not a big deal, could be fan/pump profile could be programs spiking. I wouldn’t worry its not that big of a deal.

so you think my temps are good?

Fine that I wouldn’t worry, people tend to get super hung up on temps

@packersfan036 tjmax and what’s okay for an AMD CPU are two different things unfortunately. It’s not like Intel where you can run the piss out of it and not care.

That said 73 is on the high side but it’s alright, once you pass 75 though you can start seeing stability issues (keeping it under 85 is perfectly safe). Luckily Ryzen temperatures are very solid though so if you only see 73 in stress tests then i wouldn’t worry. Unfortunately the h100i is not that good of a cooler despite it being a 240mm it performs like a 120… I honestly dont know why but corsair cheaped out on something this generation of AIOs.

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Start looping cinebench R20 and see where temps max out at. AIO need some time to get to steady state. Just one pass on the “cold” radiator is not enough. Other than that if you stay around the 75 °C mark you’re fine.

73c is “warm”, but i wouldnt be to worried about that, since its a syntetic load, it wouldnt get that hot during gaming ETC

im using a ryzen 5 3600 cpu b450 tomahawk motherboard, corsair h100i rgb pro cpu cooler. i just swapped out my ryzen 5 2600 cpu and installed my ryzen 5 3600 cpu idle temps are fluctuating from 30c to a spike of 55 to 60c is this normal? please help

I can’t speak to the 3600, but on the 3700x and 3900x I’ve owned, these are quite common temperatures and the spikes are a feature of all Ryzen 3000 processors.

I have recently applied a voltage offset of my 3900X of -0.1 and -0.05 and even with -0.05 the temperatures are greatly reduced under load.

I think your temperatures are pretty normal for 3rd Gen Ryzen.

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Your temperatures actually seem rather low in comparison with mine for example, i’m hitting over 70ºc with my 3600x under CPU bound benchmarks.
That said, we’ve been commenting about the performance (or lack thereof) of Asetek built AIO watercoolers on the Ryzen 3000 & Navi Megathread on this very forum, which is what your H100i is.
I’m set out to test a theory, that a large air cooler would perform better than a medium sized Asetek AIO watercooler (in my case a 280mm Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB), so i have a Scythe Ninja 5 in the mail and i intend on making a proper post about the comparison experiment here, perhaps it would be interesting for you to check that out as well, should you want.

I think when they mention spikes they mean idle/casual usage, which is quite common to see with these CPUs, right? I’d certainly imagine that they’d enter the 70s under a full load.

With my 3900x I noticed that moving from a Dark Rock Pro 4 (81-82 degrees max) to a Noctua NH-U12A didn’t really increase temps much, despite the reduction in mass of the cooler. I think sometimes hitting as high as 86 but mostly staying around 82. These things just have large temperature swings during normal use, and can be quite difficult to cool under load. A small undervolting solved that for me and I can either hit a max of 72 with a voltage offset of -0.1 or 76 with -0.05. It did mean that my max frequency stopped exceeding 4.6GHz, but I think it went from 4614 to 4591 or something minimal. I would strongly recommend a slight negative voltage offset if you’d rather bring temps down.

I don’t mind so much about the fluctuating temps or higher than normal idle temps as much as the fan noise, and bringing the voltage down helps to keep fans running at a lower RPM.

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The spikes sure are normal from what i’ve seen, my 3600x idles at around 40-something-nearly-50 degrees depending on room temperature, under normal level gaming it spikes to around the high 50s and low 60s.
I’ll include undervolting on my test as well, both to see how that will affect the cooling situation and to see if there’s too much of a hit in the performance with the 3600x.

It’s probably the OS doing it’s things. It’s not like “completely idle”…

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I warned you about this exact problem. No its not exactly normal but it is normal for this board.