Poor people/kids without bank cards, do you need games?

If you're not poor, a trade would be preferable.

Available Origin codes:

Dead Space (gone)

Burnout Paradise (gone)

Crysis 2 (gone)

Medal of Honor (gone)

Mirror's Edge (gone)

Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 (gone)

(apologies, but I wanted Populous for old-times sake.)

Steam Code:

Mirror's Edge (gone)

Sims 3 (gone)

That's very nice of you, props to you my good friend for giving free games ;)

Cool story! You are a good person.

Everyone's has been giving away free games from the Humble Bundle. I thought against it, but since I use Origin for one game (Fifa) I figured I would just give in to EA. I know they don't take the money, I just wanted to stay away from their service lol.

Kinda wish I didn't redeem BF3. I don't think I will play it with BF4 looming on the horizon.


Please demand these damn codes.

i just got a working pc thats able to play games. just made my frist steam account XD i can't add friends yet (guess i have to have a game first?) anyways, Fellow nice guy Brennan gave me Burnout and Mirrors edge, but i could not get the codes to work. someone gave them to him, im wondering if they were already redeemed? id love the mirrors edge steam version if its still available. =)

Glad someone is interested. I haven't even clicked the redeem button on the HB page. So it's working.


You know how to redeem them, Weston?

don't i go to activate a product on steam and enter the code. also, where did you send the code to. is there a pm function on teksyndicate? if so... i never knew about it @[email protected] im still pretty new here too XD


Check your email.

And yes, that's correct. I can't think why Brennan's codes didn't work.

awesome! i got my first Steam Game! XD Thanks a bunch!


hmm.... my only guess is that the person who gave it to him maybe used it? idk. that, or he accidentally sent me the wrong codes. either way, it must have been an accident. that guy is too generous.. he sent me an i3-2100 for free for crying out loud XD

Yeah, I sometimes speak to that guy. But, I am wayyyy better.

So that code was accepted? If these other codes are not gone in the next 24-48 hours, you can have the rest. You would need an Origin account, though. They are the only keys I have left.

thanks! i have no experience with origin lol


Would i be aloud to have any One of those games? I hope I dont get h8 for asking. :/

Sure. Which one?

I have all of the codes available, too, if they're already gone, and someone wants them.

And Weston, the codes I sent you are Origin codes, IIRC, so that's probably why they didn't work.

If that's the case, might be worth Weston posting unused codes on the forum.

Best to forgive him if he is a newbie.

I honestly dont care which game I get. I'm just so tired of playing hawken since I'm poor atm. I'd be happy with any game.  I just dislike puzzle sort of games like portal 2 (played at my friends house on box360)

There are going to be so many unused Origin codes floating around the internet because of this bundle. People only want the Steam codes.

What's the difference between origin and steam? And why do people like steam more?