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I’m surprised that so many people have sound cards here.


Yeah, I thought they already died out.


I got a USB soundcard aswell. One audio out for music, one for voice chat and the rest takes the 3rd out.
All feeds into a mixer wich then goes to my speakers and headphone amp.


Roughly 100% have sound cards…
But I get your point…

You know, when you buy a barbecue you throw a few parties for a while to convince yourself it’s a good investment… So I guess they already bought them…


It depends upon usage case on modern systems, on my i7 I opted for a motherboard with integrated Soundblaster audio chipset and two isolated USB 2.0 ports for USB audio interface usage–however if I recall the Recon3Di does use a PCIe lane vs the usual RealTek ALC8xx chipset. On my HTPC which has RealTek audio, it was very flaky to the point it made more sense to use HDMI audio via nVidia GPU instead :open_mouth:

For some of us pre-Sandy Bridge desktop owners, RealTek audio was a bag of hurt due to sloppy drivers(XP/Vista) and most motherboard makers never isolated the audio chipset so you ran the risk of weird 60Hz hum/crackling or volume drops under system load. It was around Ivy Bridge which many motherboard makers started to brag about extra shielding & wiring isolation.


There are “soundcards” that are more interface than anything else. If I had the budget, I would probably rock some MADI or ADAT interface card in my machine…


Should I make this little fella my new avatar?

  • keep my current one
  • use the C1 astromech droid as shown
  • use the C1 astromech droid shown but with a warmer colour
  • use the C1 astromech droid but with transparency
  • use the C1 astromech droid but with transparency and animated so it turns around its vertical axis
  • something else, comment below and if this category wins I’ll make a new poll with additional options

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Should we stop naming the lounge?

  • Yes
  • No

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Where is the I’m offended/oppressed by this question option?



Always Attack




Cuck norris is the best.


Next lounge name - “this lounge shall remain nameless”


  • exercise in the morning
  • exercise in the afternoon
  • exercise in the evening
  • lol exercising

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My hands get plenty of exercise

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Y’all ready!?


go to the gym in the evening higher chance of not running into work out nazis.


On the 28th that would mean 3.678 faps per second. That’s pretty fast. Averaging it out across the entire month would make for a much more reasonable one fap every 2.908 seconds.