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After having both full size and TKL keyboard, I want my numpad, for fox sake, let me have my numpad. I miss my numpad, I love me some numpad… And I don’t reposition anything… I play as it is…


Same. Smaller keyboards are always so tempting to buy because I imagine it would be really nice to have the extra space. But then when it comes down to actually using it I much prefer full-size with a big wrist pad, and I don’t care about moving the keyboard to a different position. My ideal layout is whatever feels good at the time, not parallel arms, 90 degree elbows, etc.


Yeah I missed my num-pad as well but I appreciated the extra space for the mouse and a more centered keyboard. I purchased an extra USB num-pad that sits under my monitor and I bring it closer when needed. Its been a great solution.


Needs to be 6 foot long, 3 feet wide by 5 foot deep. With a 1 foot deep trench in the middle.


How many pcie devices do you have in your main system?
For anyone using three or more i want to know just what the hell your doing.

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  • 3 or more

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GPU, soundcard, m.2 PCIe adapter.


Hm maybe i should go back to 4 or more as max, 3 isn’t really unreasonable these days


Yeah I don’t think my use case is really ‘extreme’ in any way.


Maybe before m.2, hold tight im scrapping that poll

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Ah shit actually I have an NVMe ssd as well as a sata m.2 in an adapter, plus GPU and soundcard. So I guess that would be 4?


edit, not lounge


Using 3-4 PCI or PCIe devices is fairly easy/common if you do audio or video work…

My old Core 2 Quad was quite maxed out with the following by 2011:
GPU(single slot before moving to a GTX 460), USB 3.0 card, Sound card(needed a 2nd midi port) & Firewire 800(needed for an audio interface).


U know 2x nvme and a GPU equates to 3 pci-e devices, right?
I’m using one, but considering the pricing I’m considering moving to 2 once I figure out what’s wrong with my pc…


I’ll just chalk that up to more money than sense



With the prices being what they are - NOT ANY MORE… Apple’s headphone’s dongle is more expensive than an NVME SSD…


GPU, M.2, 10gig nic, Sata port card thing

  • AMD GPU (my main GPU for graphics and openCL)
  • Nvidia GPU (out of the garbage, for testing stuff with CUDA but I don’t really use it, I guess I could ditch it)
  • USB 3 card

Also I plan on getting a fpga board with pcie when I have some time to play around with it. It’s been on my list for a year now.


R9 Fury (drives main monitor), GPro 4200 (drives secondary screens), Soundcard, NVMe SSD.